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Marie France Announces New Ambassador Angela Tong



Marie France Bodyline recently announced their New Regional Celebrity Spokesperson (Hong Kong Celebrity Artiste and also a new Mummy –  Angela Tong Ying Ying). A new revolutionary treatment that “freezes” and effectively removes fat cells without pain called PRO FREEZE was also introduced. Safe and effective, Pro Freeze “freezes” away the fat bulges without the need for incisions, anaesthesia or surgery. With target cooling, the fat is safely chilled to “kill” the fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues.


We had the opportunity to speak to Angela Tong Ying Ying who just gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl 6 months ago and like many other post natal mothers, she was worried that she could not regain her pre-baby figure. However, thanks to the holistic and customized slimming programme that Marie France designed for Angela, she has successfully lost 11kg and 42.25 inches from various problem areas such as waist, tummy, thighs, hips and arms in just three months!


Here’s the short interview we had with her:

BM: How has Motherhood been for you? What do you love most about being a mother?

A: I feel it’s magical that I am a Mother now. I created such a lovely and gorgeous baby and brought her to this world. This feeling is overwhelming and totally unexplainable. Motherhood has also made me into a more balanced and healthy person and honestly I have more energy now than before having a baby because I am living a much healthier lifestyle now.


BM: What do you like to eat? Has your eating habits changed since being a Mum?

A: Oh yes! Most definitely! My slimming consultants at Marie France taught me to eat better and healthier. I no longer eat at weird crazy hours, rather I have a more regular eating schedule now. I am still able to eat what I like to eat but at healthy and suitable portions.


BM: Has your makeup/beauty regime changed since you became a mother?

A: Oh… I am much faster and quicker to get ready to leave the house now! I usually only apply some concealer and sunblock then curl my eyelashes and I’m ready to leave!


BM: What is your fashion style now that you are a mummy?  (Angela smiles and starts to chuckle a little when she hears this question)

A: Honestly, I don’t know what my style is now. I am still searching! However I wear more clothes that is simple and convenient, clothes with less details and embellishments. I don’t wear low cut that much these days and I definitely do not put on perfume anymore. I wear more long sleeves. Oh, and I will only wear high heels shoes for work and not when I am out with my baby.

All Marie France Bodyline’s slimming programmes are 100% safe and suitable for both women and men. Visit the Marie France Bodyline centres or call the toll free customer service no 1800-7777-111 for more information.


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