Hitachi Superheated Steam Microwave Oven Makes Cooking Quick and Easy



Despite being in the 21st  century, women are traditionally still expected to manage her household, family and wife duties on top of juggling a high profile or busy career. So how can women multi task and juggle her home, children and deadlines at work? With the new Hitachi Superheated Steam Microwave Oven, modern women can now whip up a wonderful dinner spread easily and yet be the hero at the meeting room at the same time.

The secret to perfect multi tasking is to utilize every minute efficiently. Completing a task faster would mean more time for other activities and work. Made in Japan, the Hitachi SuperHeated Steam Microwave oven not only delivers quicker meals but also healthier ones. This oven helps you cook faster with less fat, salt and calories without losing taste with its innovative n forefront technology.


The SuperHeated Steam Microwave oven from Hitachi offers 5 different cooking methods – microwave, oven, steam, superheated steam and grill. This is to optimize cooking according to the food type. The most impressive feature of this oven is its Auto Menu Function which employs a combination of the 5 cooking methods to deliver the best taste and result.

With this oven, you and your family can enjoy your meal with less “guilt” with the superheated steam function. The microwave oven removes excess fat and salt from the ingredients by reheating 100 degree celsius to generate superheated steam, which contains about 11 times more thermal energy than the hot air in conventional oven. This ultra fine, high temperature superheated steam instantly wraps around and penetrates the meat and melt the fat. This cooking method allows healthier fried or grilled chicken/meat without the need for deep frying or pan frying.


There are 3 different models of this Hitachi Superheated Steam Microwave oven to choose from. The prices ranges from SGD 699 to SGD 1699. Whether you are craving grilled chicken or spare ribs or pizza, you can simply use this oven to cook a wide range of dishes. A full coloured recipe book (in English, Chinese and Thai) with up to 129 recipes is included when you purchase the oven. The oven is currently available at all authorized dealers across the island. For more information please visit

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