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Family Sun Protection all Daylong

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Daylong is a new sun protection range developed and formulated by Swiss company Galderma.  This expert dermatological company are perhaps best know for their bringing us the quality of trusted brand Cetaphil, and with such an act as Cetaphil to follow, we know this new family sun protection range can keep our skin safe all ‘Daylong’!

We all know how sun damage can lead to skin conditions such as pigmentation, premature skin ageing and also skin cancer and, especially, in the tropical climate of Singapore, we and the kids need a good reliable sun screen we can trust.  We already trust Cetaphil on bubba’s sensitive skin and now, the creators of Cetaphil bring us this new sun protection range.  Daylong Sun Protection offers all the family a safe and strong sun protection.

Daylong Sun Protection is formulated to contain advanced filters that are clinically proven to not only provide ultraviolet protection but also protection from infrared radiation.  Daylong Sun Protection range will help prevent cell damage and reduces the effects of sun-induced skin ageing.

Daylong Sun Protection products are easy to apply with a uniquely light, unscented, fast absorbing, non-sticky and very water resistant formula that leaves minimal white residue.  Containing nurturing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Daylong leaves skin feeling great.

The Daylong Sun Protection range offers a sun screen for all the family as well as a healing after sun lotion:-

  • Daylong Kids SPF 30 face & body cream (50ml, S$35.90) – all-over sun protection containing purely physical UV filters specially designed for kid’s sensitive skin as of 12 months.
  • Daylong Kids SPF 50+ face & body lotion (150ml, S$39.90) – easy to use pump dispenser, unique dosage table to provide reliable protection for your kids according to their age/height and is very water resistant.
  • Daylong SPF 30 face & body spray lotion (150ml, S$36.90) – easy to use spray lotion that ensures all-over sun protection, even for those difficult to reach areas.
  • Daylong SPF 30 face gel-fluid (30ml, S$34.90) – fuss-free daily sun protection, suitable as a make-up foundation for sensitive and oily skins.
  • Daylong SPF 50+ face & body gel (50ml, S$32.90) – light oil-free gel spreads easily and is quickly absorbed, ensuring maximum protection for even the most sensitive of skins.
  • Daylong After Sun Repair (100ml, S$32.90) – retain healthy and youthful looking skin even after sun exposure.  Contains vitamin E and has a pleasant, light scent.
Daylong Sun Protection range is available in selected pharmacies such as Guardian and Unity. 

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