Fashion Tips from Celebrities and Celebrity Bloggers at Charles & Keith Party

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Whilst at the Charles & Keith grand opening of their Ngee Ann city boutique, we caught up with some celebrity artistes, fashion bloggers, supermodels and fashion stylists. Here’s their tips on fashion and style:


BryanBoy – Celebrity Fashion Blogger (

BM: What is Fashion?

BB: Fashion is a powerful tool. It is a tool to express yourself, to tell people who and what you are. Fashion also tells your mood for the day or moment.

BM: What brands will you recommend for our readers?

BB: Stella Mccartney for busy on-the-go mothers. Celine for working mums. And definitely Lanvin for divorced or getting divorced ladies. Why Lanvin? Simply because you need Lanvin to make women happy and feel good about yourself now!


Han HuoHuo – Celebrity Fashion Blogger (

BM: What is Fashion?

HHH: Fashion is a trend and is forever changing and evolving. People change and fashion trends are different every year every season. But the same thing that never changes is friendship. To me, fashion changes all the time but friendships stay.

BM: What brands do you personally wear?

HHH: Definitely Givenchy

BM: What brands do you recommend for busy ladies?

HHH: I simply love Stella Mccartney designs for ladies. Perfectly stylish yet easy to mix and match. I will also recommend Acne – their jeans and casual wear is immaculate!


Zoe Tay – Singapore Celebrity Actress and mother of 3 boys

BM: What brands do you recommend for busy ladies/mothers like yourself?

ZT: I don’t have any particular fixed brands that I wear or will recommend. I believe in mix and matching to bring out your own style and character. I do shop at Chinatown to buy simple t-shirts. For shoes and bags, I will definitely recommend Charles & Keith because I buy and wear a lot of Charles & Keith. This brand is fun to wear, carries a variety of trendy shoe designs and the shoes are really good quality. I am so proud of this home grown brand! It has opened many stores and can be found all over the world now.

Sheila Sim – Singapore Top Supermodel

BM: What is fashion to you?

SS: Fashion is about having fun. Fashion is about expressing yourself in your own ways. I love fashion and all that it has done for me!

BM: What brands do you like and will recommend for our readers?

SS: Oh…without a doubt, Zara! Zara has clothes for all styles and events! From office boardroom fashion to lazy weekends styles to sexy cute dresses for hot dates or evenings nights out. Zara is the perfect one stop for women of all shapes and sizes

Trey CK

Trey Wong – Celebrity Fashion Stylist

BM: What does fashion means to you?

TW: Wow, this is not easy to explain in just a few words. Fashion is my passion and my work. Fashion is a behaviour, it is also a habit. It is a style which shows who a person is and what his/her behavior and habit is like.

BM: What brand would you personally recommend for our readers?

TW: I personally love Max Mara for ladies. They have so many fashion lines under the MaxMara group. You can find everything you need at MaxMara. Evening wear to classic office suits to jeans and t-shirts and simple flirty dresses.

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