Flare Ups Be Gone!


First up, I want to qualify that my kid and I do not have the worst case of eczema around. Having seen my fair share of friends plagued with this horrible skin condition, I empathise. That said; my kid and I do have certain ‘trouble spots’. Flare-ups that occur when the heat becomes unbearable, pollution sets in, or an adverse reaction to dish detergent (this is for me of course).

So I was excited to be asked to review some eczema lotion/cream. This is my method for the madness. I tested each cream on my kid for a week, followed by a one-week break to avoid stressing her skin.


Made with 100% natural ingredients and certified organic, this Australian-made skincare range smells like a pleasant exotic spa treatment. While it’s a lotion, it didn’t feel sticky to the touch. I would however, apply a modest amount and not slather it on as I did initially as it felt cluggy after. Kid was having a mild flare-up around the back of her neck and was itching a little. I applied Cherub Rubs Skin Soothe on her and while there was no immediate relief, the redness subsided after 2 days or so. With a little patience, this lotion could be a good one to have in your arsenal.


As it is one of the leading brands for sensitive skin, I had high hopes for the La Roche Posay Lipikar Fluide. Following instructions on the bottle, I applied the fluide in circular motion after kid’s two baths. Texture was light to the touch and fragrance-free. Her skin remained relatively supple throughout the day and I noticed the redness around her trouble spots appeared under control. A good option for sure.


This is one brand that needs no introduction and it did not disappoint. Cetaphil Restoraderm Eczema Calming Body Moisturizer was light to the touch and not sticky. Which is so important when you’re trying to soothe flare-ups that happen due to horrible weather. Dermatologist-tested with Filaggrin technology ™ (apparently a key component to maintain moisture in the body), my kid’s skin felt supple and since it can be used when needed, I was free to apply it on her when she was scratching due to skin irritation. If only there’s a travel version.

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Hui Chin Chew

Hui Chin Chew

When I am not chasing after a hyperactive toddler, I can be found chasing leads for my online furniture business. I am still trying to work out the magic formula for work-life balance and would appreciate any (pretty please!) life/parenting hacks.


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  1. My kids had pretty bad eczema as infants and they flare up once in awhile now. But their conditions are mostly under control on most days. We’ve used Gaia Baby, Cetaphil, Physiogel AI, California Baby, Kao Curel, Mustela and Aveeno. I didn’t know that Larosche-Posay carries a kids’ range.

    We are currently using Aveeno and Cetaphil cos they are very very inexpensive in the US. 🙂

    1. If you are in US, then Aveeno is your brand to use because it is so readily available and very cheap! We started using Aveeno for its soy range almost 10 years ago, it is very moisturising for normal skin but it was more expensive and harder to find in Singapore. Aveeno came to us in Singapore last year and we are so thankful for so many choices we have now!

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