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Best of Both Worlds with NIVEA Oil-in-Lotion



We all know that NIVEA is all about innovation. The No. 1 body brand truly is a household name by establishing itself with the classic, signature blue tin.

This time, NIVEA is rolling out new fragrances to their Oil-in-Lotion range – Rose & Argan Oil, and Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil.

NIVEA Oil-in-Lotion range is the first oil-infused ultra-lightweight lotion to hit the market. As the expert of body moisturisers, NIVEA alters its signature body lotion with nourishing rich oils like Jojoba oil and Argan oil.

Here are 2 simple reasons why we fell in love with this product range as soon as we tested it out.

NIVEA Blind Test allows you to understand the differences between Oil and Lotion.
  1. Best of Both Worlds
    NIVEA Oil-in-Lotion will literally put a stop to the endless ‘Oil vs Lotion’ debate. This special formula solves the common problems found in many moisturisers. Too greasy? Absorbs too slowly? Not long-lasting? Just as you are about to give up on looking for the perfect body care, NIVEA is here to provide you with a 2-in-1 solution – the best of both worlds! There is nothing you can wish for more than this combination of oil and lotion. So much nourishing rich oils, but not at all oily.
  2. Price Range
    NIVEA products are affordable yet effective in solving all our typical female woes. Dry skin? Turn to NIVEA. Lazy and looking for a quick fix-me-up? Look for NIVEA. Want to unwind to relaxing body scents? Choose NIVEA. NIVEA brings you solutions overnight at a price range that you cannot resist. For such a skin-pampering experience, what are you waiting for?

The range comes in other oils including Nivea Oil Infused Lotion Vanilla and Almond Oil.

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