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No matter if you want your FOTD or FOTN to express the striking and bold you, the girl next door you or the feminine goddess within, the new collection by LANEIGE have the perfect palette for all.

New for Spring 2014 is the all new exciting comprehensive range of eye shadow palettes, blushers and lipsticks from our favourite Korean brand LANEIGE.  There are 7 highly-pigmented Pure Radiant Shadow palettes, 6 Pure Radiant Blush colors and 20 vivid Serum Intense Lipstick colours.  Mama can experiment, experience and enjoy the beauty of colour again and again.

Serum Intense Lipstick R12_Luminous Red Pure Radiant Blush_Glow Pink Pure Radiant Shadow_Urban Be

Pure Radiant Shadow Palettes, SGD$40

Each palette comes with four highly-pigmented colour shades that are made up of ultra-fine particles to glide on smoothly and evenly.  Choose your perfect combination to achieve the look you want – from nude to smokey or sweet to glamorous.

Pure Radiant Blush, SGD$38

Not just a blush to give a subtle glow or to be used when shading, this blush is formulated with fine particle powder with a superior glow scattering effect that helps to fill up any unevenness or fine wrinkles.  Naturally flawless skin with a smooth and radiant finish is yours!

Serum Intense Lipstick, SGD$34

This has just got to be our favorite lipstick!  It glides on and moisturises so effortlessly, this must be because it contains 3 types of moisture-sealing formula;

Glycerin – absorbs moisture in the air and passes it back to the skin to prevent cracked lips,

Physiogel Lotion / Laneige Original Essence – fills the cracks on lips that can lead to high water loss,

Natural botanical Squalane – supplies oxygen to skin and enhances skin respiration and also forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture evaporation.

Also known as LED lipstick, the pigment particle size gives lips a vivid colour as well as a plumped and more radiant appearance.

Laneige Boutiques are located:
  • ION Orchard
  • Cube
  • Jurong Point
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Suntec City

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