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The Etihad Flying Nannies Programme


Screaming babies and crying toddlers on board is a nightmare especially on a red-eye flight or any flights for travellers. I have travelled on these flights before I had my child and I now have fear of flying with my child or when there are children near by. Small feet kicking the back of seats, screaming babies, bored youngsters running around in the aisles. Flying with children can sometimes be a nightmare. Some help on board a flight with experienced help to deal with these situations will be helpful. Etihad Airways came up with a solution for families travelling with youngsters.

Etihad Airways launched their Flying Nanny programme in 2013 to help parents manage their time on their flights. These Etihad Flying Nannies help to entertain children to ensure parents get peace and quiet on board long-haul flights. Clad in their orange aprons, these modern-day Mary Poppin’s bustle about on Etihad Airways flights, making sure passengers have as relaxing an experience as possible.


The Flying Nanny service, which begins at the boarding gate and continues until the families have safely disembarked, is free of charge on long-haul flights. Etihad cabin crew members will be prepped before flight to look after unaccompanied minors, prepare bassinets for babies, refill bottles, seat youngsters and keep children entertained with activities such as crafts, face-painting and magic tricks.

All nannies from the Etihad Flying Nanny programme are well trained and have all completed in-depth training at Bath’s Norland College, an institution which has been training childcare professionals since 1892.

Aubrey Tiedt, Etihad Airways’ Vice President Guest Services, said: ‘Flying with a young family can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced travellers, and the Flying Nanny role demonstrates our understanding of our guests’ needs and our commitment to making the journey as relaxing and comfortable as possible.’ During the flight the Flying Nanny is on hand to help families – as well as support other cabin crew members when they interact with families, such as serving kids’ meals early.

Ms Tiedt added: ‘The Flying Nanny will liaise with parents and use their experience and knowledge to make the travel experience easier. ‘This includes helping serve children’s meals early in the flight and offering activities and challenges to help entertain and occupy younger guests.’



For older children, the Flying Nanny is equipped with simple quizzes and challenges to keep them occupied as well as taking them on tours of the galley during quieter moments of the flight.

Throughout the flights, the Flying Nanny will check up on parent with young children in tow, to see if their assistance is needed. Making sure their help is rendered if the parents need to stagger the meals so one parent can eat while the other watches the child, or even entertaining the little one so the parent can eat in peace or visit the bathroom. This proactive assistance offered gives parents an opportunity to take care of themselves so that they can enjoy their flight and their trip better.


The Etihad Flying Nanny is a nice-to-have on flights, especially considering that there is no extra charge for the service. Depending on the quality of the nanny on board, it can really make the difference as to whether the flight is a pleasant one or not.Everyone on the flights – and not just the parents – benefit and enjoy when children are well entertained and well-behaved children on board.

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