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Marie France Bodyline Venus Freeze Treatment

2015-11-24 18.23.45


By Ruth Chew

Ever wondered how stars slim down effortlessly and look sleek in their gowns? One of Hollywood’s best kept secrets is finally available. Called the Venus Freeze, this treatment (previously only practised in aesthetic clinics) is now available at Marie France Bodyline boutiques/ centres.

Contrary to its name, the 30-minute treatment does not involve any cold instrument at all! Venus Freeze instead uses Pulsed Electro Magnetic Pulses and a Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) to work its magic. Essentially, the technology emitted by the pulses and the RF creates a sensation that is non-invasive and tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, cellulite and circumferential fat size. Basically, it delays fat cells from multiplying right from the hypodermis. It also lightens the uneven cellulite bulges and shrinks the fat pockets.

In addition, the process increases the collagen synthesis without the pain of other RF treatments because the radio frequency heats up the tissue and stimulates the fibroblast cells (which are responsible for collagen) while the Magnetic Pulses direct this energy so it goes where it needs to go. This efficient way of targeting problem areas also reduces the pain factor for the treatment. The final results from a cycle of Venus Freeze treatments are said to last up to two years with good diet and exercise maintenance plan.

When I went to try the treatment at Marie France, as with many new clients to any Marie France Bodyline centre, I had my weight analysed on the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer. Thereafter, the nutritionist/ dietitian had a quick discussion with me on my eating and exercise habits.

In spite of my exercise regime and a healthy diet (I work out five-six times a week and have only a few “cheat” meals thrown throughout in the week), the dietitian worked out that I am at least 10 kgs overweight and I had to lose that to hit my goal weight. I was given some diet advice and a breakdown of fat percentages across typical local hawker food varieties so I could watch the fat and carbohydrate intake whenever I ate out. In addition to diet, the Venus Freeze treatment helps to stave off extra weight gain.

The Venus Freeze treatment works on a variety of body areas and is either a 20-minute or 30-minute treatment. For tough areas, tummy, thighs (inner/ back) and hips, most Venus Freeze sessions are 30-minutes. For bra-hang (the area under your bra), love handles and flabby arms, the treatment typically lasts for 20-minutes. The treatment is then followed by a 20-minute mask with algae collagen to firm the skin.

After lying down, the therapist applies a special glycerine gel over the area of treatment, which helps the heat transfer over the skin. It starts off warm and tingly but starts to get hot after a while. That’s when you know the treatment is working.

You’ll be pretty uncomfortable if you can’t take the heat, literally. Especially if you have tried RF before, you’ll know any radio frequency treatment would involve a hot sensation. However, the heat is bearable as therapists have a temperature gauge to check how hot the skin gets. Anything above 45◦C is the maximum and the therapist would make temperature adjustments accordingly once the temperature rises too high. After the treatment, the therapist wipes off the gel and if you have time to spare, the algae and collagen mask is applied for 20-minutes.

On the upside: The whole treatment is fairly relaxing (feels like Hot stones massage but only on a selected area) and is over before you can scream, “Too hot!”. Even though my hips rival those of Kim Kardashian’s, the first treatment saw a minor reduction in my overall hips size by 0.25inch. The result is not immediate for everyone and many women see significant results after six to eight treatments at one session per problem area a week.

The downside: Without a package, each treatment session is $380 without GST.

Highly recommend if you have spare cash for a slimming regime but there’s no miracle slimming treatment without a combination of diet and exercise. Venus Freeze would be very effective if you have an existing exercise regime, coupled with a healthy diet.


Marie France Bodyline is at:

International Building #08-01/05, Marina Square #01-200, Bishan St 13 #01-502, Jurong Point Shopping Centre #02-21/21A and Marine Parade Central #01-03. Appointments can be made on their Customer Service Number 1800-7777-111.

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