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FOX Kids Spring Summer 2015




FOX Baby Girl Collection

The Baby Girl collection is a range awash with various shades of pastel, complemented by adorable floral and polka dotted prints.

Key items in the collection are printed tees, floral skirts, patterned shorts and casual tees.

FOX Baby Boy Collection

The Baby Boy collection is strongly influenced by a kids’ childhood. This collection features every kid’s all-time favourite: Mickey Mouse alongside with other graphic prints. The colour palette features monochromatic colours such as dark grey, blue melange and black.


FOX Kids Girls Collection

The Kids Girl collection is characterised by a mature look. The Denim printed with polka dotted prints brings out the fun and femininity in the young girls. The colour palette consists of denim, sky blue melange, adding a chic twist to the collection.

Soften the look with softer silhouettes in chiffon dresses, midi/maxi dresses in the shades of earthy and neutral tones.


FOX Kids Boys Collection

The street wear look in this collection is inspired by an American classic look. It’s all about layering a shirt over the tee to create that effortlessly suave look. Key items in this collection are checkered shirts, basic tee, woven pants and jeans.

Not forgetting the graphics printed tees that are inspired by the significant London Eye. These simple and basic printed tees are the basic necessities in every boy’s wardrobe. The colour palette is a good mix of the neutral tones, such as grey melange, off white with a pop of dark petrol and red to achieve the college look.

Smiley Collection

The Smiley Company’s collection tees debut at FOX Kids & Baby for the very first time! Featuring the signature smiley alongside with other designs for both Baby Girls and Baby Boys, this collection brings to your wardrobe many more reasons to smile.

The adorable designs on these tee makes use of simple yet endearing emoticons which will make your little ones smile and embrace the true meaning of happiness.

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