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Many of us travel quite a fair bit and it pays to be organized when we are overseas.  Having a passport holder for each trip will help to keep the planning (or name cards for new places or eateries found for future reference) and memories in place. Here’s how you can use your creative juice to make one with the help of the Canon Pixma printer.

Step 1: Print craft paper and prints from



Step 2: 


Step 3:
Step 4: Cut the craft paper.
Step 5: Punch a hole (diameter of less than 0.5 cm) in the middle 1 cm away from the right edge.  Thread an elastic band (knotted at both ends) throught the hole.
Step 6: Cut a new craft paper for the pocket inside the passport holder and glue it to the edges.
The passport holder is one of the many craftwork made fun and possible using the Canon Pixma All-In-One printer.  Fans of Aki Kondo (Japan), Mad Babarians (Japan) and Kenny Wong (Hong Kong) can find more craft and gift ideas on Canon site.  Try making them with your Bubbas or by yourself, they are so cute and will keep you wanting MORE!!!

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