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Boosting your milk supply with Milk of Love




Breastfeeding. No matter how many manuals you read…it never really turns out that way, does it? I remember wanting to cry during the first couple of weeks, every time Bubba latched on, I bit my lip, hummed a tune, and bounced on the edge of the bed, anything to distract me until the pain subsided. Not exactly the blissed out BubbaMama bonding time depicted in all of those parenting posters you see around!

Thankfully the pain was momentary and my milk came (and came, and came). Sadly, for some women, the pain is the smallest of issues. Sometimes the milk doesn’t come. Sometimes the baby suckles and the milk doesn’t let down, other times hormones wreak habit on our supply, sometimes it can be a combination of a whole host of factors. Whatever the case, a hungry insatiable baby is the last thing on a tired Mama’s wish list.

Having been in this exhausting and heart-wrenching position herself, Min, a local mother to two beautiful children, created ‘Milk of Love’, a company whose sole aim is to make the breastfeeding experience work for mums with low milk supply.

Min had a difficult first experience with breastfeeding. By the time her first child was a mere 3 days old, she was readmitted to hospital with dehydration. Her milk supply never quite met demand and she ended up supplementing her feeds with formula. When she became pregnant a second time, she vowed to make breastfeeding work. In researching how to increase milk supply, Min came across an article on lactation cookies and thus, the seed for ‘Milk of Love’ was planted.

Milk of Love Lactation Cookie (14 day pack- $30)

Milk of Love lactation cookies contain a host of natural ingredients such as oats, brewer’s yeast and flax seeds. Oats boast a high iron content and also provide mummies with much needed fibre for digestion. Brewer’s yeast is a great source of Vitamin B and also linked with increased milk supply. Lastly, flax seed oil is a galactagogue (a substance that improves milk supply) and is also high in Omega 3, which we all know is crucial in helping brain functions, joint lubrication and hormone regulation. Coming in three tasty flavours (chocolate chip oatmeal, almond oatmeal and raisin oatmeal), they also come in a ‘Mega Booster’ range which have added ingredients to encourage your milk just that little bit extra!

So, do they work? Check out some of the testimonials, below…

They really worked for me! I squirted after eating them for a number of days, and I hadn’t done that for months. I love it when I can eat them anytime I want, and I saved some money from buying vitamins!” – Anna

“I can’t take Fenugreek, and so have been looking around for a more natural way to boost my milk supply. It seemed like this option was not available in Singapore, until I found Milk of Love. Now my baby can take as much milk she wants!” – Mrs Lee

If you’re looking for a yummy way to boost your milk supply, a unique baby shower gift or know of someone who is in need of some TLC, look no further.

Visit Min’s website for more information at the link below and let us know if they worked for you!


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