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Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Exposing children to musicals enriches them both culturally and artistically which I would strongly encourage and advocate. When I brought Bubba to watch a recent musical, I could not help but feel a certain sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Musicals like Goldilocks and the Three Bears trigger the imagination and bring fairy tales to life. What better a way to introduce to toddlers classic characters through a live performances. The stage and costumes were absolutely magnificent and captivates. In this day and age where television is over rated, it is certainly more impactful in educating children on moral lessons on different and creative platforms.
The emphasis of the lesson behind the story of the play Goldilocks and the Three Bears is not only to respect one’s personal space, and also on the perils of wandering – this was enacted by Goldilocks venturing alone into the woods, when her father was busy chopping down trees, and into the Three Bears’ home where she made herself feel at home and made a mess, angering the bears.
My niece Pheobe, who is 11 years old this year, enjoyed the musical and loved the set, she was in fascination with the transformation of the stage from the forest to the Three Bears’ home. Comparatively, The Fantastic Mr Fox was even more engaging, and I look forward watching more musicals with Bubba, creating more happyments with him!
Children loved to be brought out, are in awe with things that are larger than life, especially when presented on a big scale on stage, and not constrained by a small screen. Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ last show is on 21st April, so there’s still time to bring your Bubbas if you haven’t!

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