Premier Mask Miracle Noir

Cathy with Premier Dead Sea's regional manager Crystal Ng
Cathy with Premier Dead Sea‘s regional manager Crystal Ng

Miracles would be an understatement with regards to this ingenious skincare product from Premier Dead Sea. The mask  “Miracle Noir” has claims of rejuvenation, hydration, brightening, detoxification, and exfoliating the skin to say the least.  It’s an innovative and unique product whereas it uses a solid block of Dead Sea mud to draw out the impurities from the skin via a magnetic current; as a result leaving behind supple skin absorbed with the vitamins, minerals, liposomes, and oxygen the mask contains.

Before the trying the Miracle Mask
Before the trying the Miracle Mask

Towards skincare products I’m always a skeptic, due to the fact I’m 32 and I’ve tried everything and anything under the sun. Products claiming to lift, tuck, nip, whiten, tighten, brighten, smooth, erase, etc… I’ve tried them all, and ended up with hopelessness. Is there really a miracle product out there for me? Until I tried this Miracle Noir mask, I was desperate to find something that could cure my skin, which by the way is dry, sensitive, pigmented, and with rosacea. What a combo! Lucky for me my friend introduced this product to me and saved me from my skin woes.

The mask is removed by sweeping the magnet (wrapped with a tissue) across the face
The mask is removed by sweeping the magnet (wrapped in a tissue) across the face.
Detaching the tissue from the mganet- the used mask is collected and thrown out.
Detaching the tissue from the mganet- the used mask is collected and thrown out.

Let me just tell you how simple and easy this mask is to use. The mask is split into 2 parts, one compartment is the mineral rich mud mask, and the second compartment is the solid block of magnetized mud for mask removal. You slather on the mask with a spatula that is included, wait 10 minutes for the minerals and vitamins to soak into your skin, and remove the mask via the solid bar to cleanse the skin. You are then left with a serum-like emulsion on your face that you then massage gently into your skin for better absorption. Then, after an hour you wash your face and you are left with the softest, smoothest, firmest, skin you’ve always wanted with the radiance of a healthy glow. If you are like me, with dry skin, it is also recommended that you leave the serum on overnight for extra hydration.

After the mask
The glow from using the mask, the redness of Rosocea is also less visible.

DSC02764I’m always trying new things and looking for something that will ‘save’ your skin. Why not take a leap of faith and try this miracle mask. You’ve got nothing to lose and all to gain!

Miracle Mask retails at $152 / 60ml. Hypo-allergetic
Miracle Mask retails at $152 / 60ml. Hypo-allergetic

The Premier Dead Sea Mask Miracle Noir (Miracle Black Mask) is retailing at the Premier outlets island wide. Please go to for more information.

Guest blogged by Catherine Wang (Pastry Chef at Cocotte)


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