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Handwriting my Shower Gel

BubbaMama Shower Gel
BubbaMama Shower Gel
BubbaMama Shower Gel

I never knew that shower gel can be custom made to our own sensory preference until Spa Esprit Beauty Emporium showed me it can be done.  My uni friend Patricea (Editor of Wellnessway-mag.com), Irene (moonberry.com) and I concocted our very own scents and this is what she wrote about our experience (click on this link for the blog and pictures).

“Recently, Katherine and myself attended an event at Spa Esprit Beauty Emporium, together with well known London fashion blogger Poppy Dinsey of What I Wore Today.

As we sipped on custom tea blends and dainty cakes from House, the animated English lady traded fashion tips and trends with us, expresing surprise at how well put together Singaporean ladies are, while lamenting the lack of time to complete her shopping.

Following this, we were then introduced to the Beauty Emporium’s customised product range, Handwrite a Gift. You choose whether you want a shower gel, body scrub or body moisturiser then add your choice of essential oil blend, before writing a personal note on the product’s label. This allows for a unique and memorable product for friends or even for yourself.


What better way to understand how Handwrite a Gift works, than to create our individual, essential oil scented shower gel? After a short explanation on the properties of essential oils, we started mixing the oils to create a fragrance that appealed solely to each of us.

If you thought that creating a blend is easy, think again!

Firstly, there were more than 70 pure essential oils available for our picking. Each oil addresses certain wellness issues on different levels physically, emotionally and mentally. For example, Lavendar and Cypress restores health, Ginger and Lemon aids bowel movement, Sandalwood and Thyme eases coughs.

Next, essential oils can be categorised into top, middle and base notes, similar to the different notes found in perfumes.

Further, the oils are grouped into Herbs, Trees, Spices, Resins, Exotics, Flowers and Citrus, which indicates the immediate adjacent groups that will go well with a preferred essential oil. For example, an oil from Herbs blends well with others in the same group, as well as with those from Trees and Citrus.

After some mixing and experimenting, we each came up with our own preferred blends: a spicy and invigorating blend for Katherine, and a floral fruity blend for me. Together with our handwritten bottle labels, it was a lovely gift that us two hardworking yet stylish mothers could look forward to at the end of each day.

If you are unsure about blending the essential oils, the knowledgeable Beauty Emporium therapists will happily assist you in obtaining your preferred blend.

Many thanks to Spa Esprit Beauty Emporium for hosting us, and Moonberry for the invite.

Handwrite a Gift retail prices:
Shower Gel blended with aromatherapy oils (250ml): S$45
Body Scrub blended with aromatherapy oils (250ml): S$55
Body Moisturizer blended with aromatherapy oils (250ml): S$55

Spa Esprit Beauty Emporium, 8D Dempsey Road, #02-01/06, Singapore”

Spa Esprit offers a wide range of pure essential oils to customize your unique scent, so now you know what gifts to get for your friends in future 😉

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