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Have Fun at Home With Activities From Nickelodeon Academy Of Smarts


The school holidays are coming up pretty soon and we are all grounded due to COVID-19. We are encouraged not to travel overseas and to go out less, hence our children are going to be spending more time at home. Boy is it HARD to keep them engaged and luckily, we have something that could help keep your kids entertained! The Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts, a free online activity-driven programme, offers us a fun way to uncover our children’s hidden talents. And most importantly, keep them occupied!!!

Categories of Smart

Based on the UOB KidSmart Programme, the first thing that our kids would have to do is complete an online quiz which helps determine their ‘smarts’. There are eight types of smarts in total, which are drawn from the MIDAS (Multiple Intelligences Development Scales) aptitude assessment tool. 

This test will give the Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts information on their ‘smarts’ and through that, they encourage our children to learn more about themselves with a variety of fun and engaging activities based on their natural talents. 

Sixteen task sheets have been created based on the different types of smarts – Body Smart, Logic Smart, Music Smart, Nature Smart, People Smart, Picture Smart, Self Smart and Word Smart. UOB and Nickelodeon Asia have also paired the eight different smarts with some of the most well-loved Nickelodeon characters such as the puppies of PAW Patrol (People Smart), Dora the Explorer (Nature Smart) and the Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Body Smart).

For example, the activity under Dora the Explorer will get our children to look around the kitchen and try to find different seeds and beans. This will then encourage them to experiment with the seeds to determine which one will grow, increasing their knowledge about nature. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles encourages you and your kids to create your own yoga pose based on different inspirations. Last but not least, PAW Patrol encourages our littles ones to identify different emotions that people have and write each one on a separate piece of paper and put them in a bag. Each family member then can take turns to pick out an emotion and act it out for others to guess.

Each task sheet has about 10 activities. Most of these activities let our kids utilize their creative juices through tasks such as building a fort using pillows and blankets (Self Smart), creating a superhero character or designing a mask (People Smart).

Feeling left out? Fret not, as some tasks encourage family bonding and test your teamwork with your kids by tasking the family to create unique yoga poses (Body Smart) or create an erupting volcano (Logic Smart). Depending on the nature of the tasks, some activities may be completed within a minute or may take a few days such as growing seeds in a dark room.


Please visit the Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts website HERE to download the task sheets or find out more about the Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts activities.

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