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HIC Juice Introduce 5:2 Juice Plan

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The 5:2 juice plan is inspired by the popular intermittent fast diet and is set to recharge, cleanse and boost fat metabolism through limiting calorie intake for two non-consecutive days a week with the other five days of eating normally. So, when the fasting days were replaced by consuming nutrient-dense cold pressed juices and protein-rich nut milk or shakes, the 5:2 juice plan is created.

Why juice during the fasting days?

In the busy lifestyles we lead, taking a pre-mixed juice from the fridge is so much easier than having to count the calories at every meal during your fasting days. HICJUICE makes the fasting days so much simpler and, along with their nutritionists, have prepared the fasting day juices to make sure we get sufficient nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In fact, the selected juices and nut milks have a low glycemic index and soluble fibre to ensure the blood glucose level is balanced without starvation. The juices also have the added benefits of boosting metabolism so that there will not be too much overcompensating on the diet for the other 5 days.

What benefits can we expect to see from the HICJUICE 5:2 Juice Plan?

We, as many others trying out the 5:2 Juice Plan, felt a feeling of being more alert as well as feeling lighter. We were also much more aware of what we were planning to eat and what our bodies were consuming during our non-fasting days.

Can I exercise during fasting (juice days)?

While over-exercising is not advised, a light exercise is highly beneficial. This is because exercising will encourage our body to utilise fat as a source of energy, therefore directly contributing to reductions in both body weight and body fat.

Our experience of the 5:2 Juice Plan by HIC Juice

We opted to try the 4 week 5:2 juice plan with HICJUICE.  Each Sunday for 4 weeks, a pack of 6 juices was delivered promptly and efficiently to our doorstep. Each of our 4 deliveries consisted of Citrus Chia, Flaminglow, Green Lemonade, Clean Greens, Nut Milk and Chunky Munky.  Our first delivery also included a handy brochure explaining the HICJUICE 5:2 Juice Plan; tips include how to store your juices, fasting tips, non fasting days, juice plan instructions as well as how you will feel during your 5:2 Juice Plan diet.  Our fasting days were much simpler without the need to count calories.

HICJUICE 5:2 Juice Plan is available now, prices are set to be $218 for 2 weeks; $418 for 4 weeks; and $618 for 6 weeks, before GST. To order and find out more, click HERE

This article first featured on Foodoorama.com and can be found (in full) HERE

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