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How it feels to Run in the Rain

Peiqian, Huixin & I weraing our shorts in the office for the first time…. no one to oggle at our nice legs….what a waste:(

The sun was smiling when we were leaving for MacRitchie for our company run earlier today. It started drizzling when we were about to start the race and despite the rain the race went as planned.

The trophies and the medal for the ‘My SMRT Run’
Look how dry we were before the rain and the race

The rain started pouring more heavily when were at the starting point but that didn’t stop us from running. In my mind, instead of focusing on how sick I will become after running in the rain, I made my mind to have fun and finish the race. I started the race walking holding a made shift board over head to stay dry, as I gained momentum I found my ‘shelter’ a burden and toss it aside. I felt a child playing in the rain when I jumped on every muddy puddle in my way, it felt good and I could taste the rain on my lips.

I’ve never liked running and the only time I ran was when Mr LAM ran with me because he was pacer and my big fan (pushing me to run faster) but this run easy for me, my company SMRT’s Fit & Run Committee chose the right place as this track is Singapore’s most scenic one which is along the reservoir It was so breath taking that I stopped a few times to admire beauty of the reservoir (and stretched my hands out to feel the rain). It’s not everyday that office bunnies like us can experience this and I really appreciate this quiet moment with Nature.

Left complaining to the right: She abused me!

A few of us at work signed up for the Great Eastern Run (GE Run) mwhich is happening in Novemeber. We took this run as part of our training but I didn’t expect my running shoes to fall apart 🙁 So now, it looks like I have to go shoe hunting next weekend in preparation for the GE Run.

With bosses: Jeslyn & Kenny
With another of our boss Dawn drinking our H2O

You can see from the pictures that we were all drenched and not a part of our body is dry. I was pretty uncomfortable as my running gear sticked to my body like a second skin and it didn’t help when it’s so cold!

Faster women came from Corporate Service (er hmm… my department)
The Ladies Bosses

During the prize presentation, I joked to my lady bosses that our department is made up of 80% females and we should be given handicap in the contest for the ‘Fastest Department’ title. In the real world, there is not handicap for women, we are all treated equally. Having said that, I must say that the women bosses in my company are very capable and inspiring. They are women of substance who also exude confidence and we look up to them as they inspire me with their strength. I think they should be nominated for those ‘Women’s award’ people talk about so highly.

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