How to Choose Toys for Every Stage of Development

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Did you know that children learn and remember best when playing with toys, as these are attractive, colourful, exciting and engaging for them? But with shelves fully stocked and every store offering toys in every shape, colour and size; How to choose toys for our children?

This is where Fisher-Price and their expertise in Child’s Play IQ come in to help parents and gift-buyers alike; To help parents choose the right toys for their children, Fisher-Price toys are now marked with identity symbols to represent the three key pillars of child development : Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional.

Speaking of the vision behind Fisher-Price Play IQ, Leong Meiyin, Head of Marketing at Mattel Southeast Asia Pte Ltd shares (that) “some parents may not understand how exactly toys can aid in child development. With Play IQ, Fisher-Price are offering an educational concept and platform that shows how each Fisher-Price toy is designed for a child’s different developmental stages and needs

The three key pillars of child development and skills development are:-

  • Physical Play IQ – strength, coordination and confidence : toys marked with this blue ‘P’ symbol will encourage Bubba to reach, grab, get up and move,
  • Cognitive Play IQ – natural curiosity, love of learning, intelligence and creativity : toys showing the green ‘C’ symbol are toys that will inspire the natural curiosity, love of learning, intelligence and creativity,
  • Social & Emotional Play IQ – sharing, listening and leading : the orange ‘S’ symbol will encourage him to share, listen, lead and play with other children.

Leong Meiyin highlights that; “As a child plays with the right toys at the right developmental stage, parents can be equally excited as they eagerly look forward to the important milestones their child will make”.

For more information on Fisher-Price Play IQ and its activities, please visit Fisher-Price PlayIQ and FisherPriceSEA

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