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I don’t know how she does it & I’d really like to know how!



Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my favourite actresses of all time. From her recent film “I don’t know how she does it”, she was absolutely inspiring, brilliant and successful, has got everything together, with children in tow. Her character in the film was amazing, who managed with little sleep, managed to hold everything together and make life changing decisions.

See! I told ya!

Taking the movie into real life context, I look at my Superwoman friends around me, humbled, baffled and deeply inspired by their juggling act to keep everything together, family, career and even a healthy social life. I ask myself, how is that even possible? Here I am flailing my arms about, sometimes much in despair, and to simply just to keep afloat… Health and work issues are already enough to drown me, to make matters worse, I developed a persistent cough which has nagged at me for months and kept me up late at night. I have tried all kinds of remedies, seen many doctors, but simply put, the cough is like a leech that would not die.

While I desperately wish to be a Superwoman and for my horrible cough to go away, my most realistic goal set for now is only to try to have a balanced life as much as possible and hopefully work towards leading an extraordinary life… Not just for myself, but for Bubba too.
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