Bubba’s Milk Toof

Development & Education

The tooth, the tooth and nothing but the tooth…

Bub’s first milk tooth started appearing when he was only 5 months old.  He was always cranky and constantly looking for something to bite on. Bub became a ‘vampire’ constantly biting everything, even though he was given many teething toys, my collar bone included.  My friends and I would laugh it off as a hicky from our little boyfriend.

As if the hickies were not enough, he had the fever runs and runny stools which could be mistaken for diarrhea and unnecessary cause for worry. Only experienced mothers will have known it was a sign of new teeth coming…

‘Brushing’ or biting

A tip from an experienced mother would be to cultivate good habits from young, so we started Bubba to hold a toothbrush at 6 months.  It is always funny to see him ‘brush’ his teeth (or rather, tooth), because was never really brushing his teeth, but simply biting the toothbrush as part of his teething phase. He is so cute!

I was also told to never share utencils with our bubs (also as advised by the dentist) which would otherwise spread dental bacteria to him…

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