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Rituals start from Young

Rituals make family members feel good and create a sense of belonging by letting everyone know what is important to family and giving a sense of identity. Simple rituals like a prayer before bedtime can hold special meaning for young children.


I have incorporated a Saturday ritual with Bub, together with my niece Pheobe, we go for church service. We made this a family day outing for us to draw closer to God and to each other. Every Saturday, we would leave the house at 3pm, starting off with tea and cake, followed with a little shopping just before we attend the service. After, we would have dinner with friends and family from church to bond. Friends have been kind enough to help with not yet terrible two Bub!

By the time I get home is about 9pm and I am absolutely drained from the day’s activity. Exhausted, I have no mood for any “me” time or social life. This led me to question, what happened to work life balance? My dilemma is, my non-existent social life versus a healthy environment for Bub, needless to say, the latter was more important. I as much as I hate to admit, this Saturday routine of mine is exhausting but if it creates a happy and learning environment for Bubs, I am all for it.



Bub is only 14 months now, but it feels like yesterday, when he was just a little bundle at the hospital nursery.
I’m still a very new mom and I will learn to balance my work, social and family life better as I ease into motherhood.

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  1. Doreen Chan says:

    babe… you have grown up so much from when i first met you! Praise the Lord for He is good! You are in my prayers!

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