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Introducing Mission Foods’ New Mini Wraps – Mini-Sized Wraps For Your Mini-Me’s

mission foods mini wrap recipe

Mission Foods, one of the world’s largest producers of wraps, is delighted to introduce its first kid-sized wraps – Mini Wraps. The new 5.75-inch mini wraps will not only make eating fun for your kids but will also ensure that your precious little ones are always enjoying wholesome goodness at mealtimes. These healthy food for kids are available in three delicious flavours: Original, Wholemeal, and Tomato and come in fun, illustrated monster packaging that is resealable, prolonging the freshness and tasty flavours of the wraps.

Although smaller in size, you can expect the same quality and taste that you have come to know and love in their larger predecessors. Soft and fluffy, the new mini wraps are perfect for little fingers and are low in sugar and a source of dietary fibre – making them great for parents and their children.

Randall Tan, Brand Manager South Asia, Mission Foods, said the new range is just the right size to fill little bellies with all their favourite ingredients. “Kids need the right nutrition to grow and it’s sometimes a challenge to get them to eat the right foods. At Mission Foods,  we’re parents too, and making healthy food exciting is what we do best,” he said.

The fun and colourful monster illustration on the packaging brings a sense of delight to mealtimes. “When food is fun, it goes down much more easily as kids tend to eat with their eyes first. It’s a great way to add a sense of play and experimentation in getting them to make their own meals,” said Randall.

mission foods mini wrap packaging

With Mini Wraps, you won’t feel guilty asking your kids to play with their food. They’re never too young to get involved in making their own healthy meals — they might even forget about their fun devices! With a little help from Mom and Dad, mealtime will be as fun as playtime.

Mission Foods’ new Mini Wraps are available for purchase at all leading supermarkets – in the bakery aisle alongside Mission’s existing range of wraps, naan, pita, and pizza crusts. An essential add-on to pantry staples, these new Mini Wraps are a must-have in your grocery cart, along with your ingredients for your roast vegetable recipe! Whether it’s for the kids to experiment with during the school holidays or as Back-to-School meals (or even in-between math lessons), this healthy food for kids is a great addition to your kid-friendly weekly menu!

For more information about Mission Foods, please visit its website. You might also want to know more about another superfood snacks option through this other article.

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Katherine Sng

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