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Is Leashing Bubba Treating Him Like A Dog?

Bubba loves his lion 'leash' and he looks really good in it.
Bubba loves his lion ‘leash’ (his friend) and he looks really good in it.


Whenever I bring Bubba out and ‘leash’ him with his favourite Lion ‘bag’, people will give me the ‘Look at the crazy mom! What is she doing to her child?  Is that a child or a dog?’ kind of look without fail.  I am often mistaken as a bad mother but this is my ‘tame the tiger’ technique to teach my little Bubba how to behave and not go missing or be kidnapped by strangers.

Many people are mistaken that I leash Bubba and restrict his movement but they are wrong, I am still letting him walk where he wants to go.  Only difference is I am connected to him by a line (or leash) and I know where he will be.  This deters kidnappers from kidnapping him and selling him away for his organs or to couples who can’t conceive.  I reckoned I must have heard too many horror stories and I am making extreme precautionary measures from letting bad things happen to bubba!  Would you do the same as mother?


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Comments 4

  1. Patricea Chow-Capodieci says:

    We have never liked the look of the leash. We don't even use one on our dogs! As much as this will sound wrong, humans, like dogs, can be trained. We read a story of the Berenstein Bears and strangers, to gently tell them about strangers — even though you can't judge someone by how they look, not all are bad. And we tell them that they should not talk to strangers until mommy or papa has spoken to the stranger. Also not to take anything from strangers or follow them. If in doubt, always run to mommy/papa/nanny and ask first.

  2. Hmmm… I should try that! But Bubba likes his lion! Sometimes he refuse to go out without the lion!

  3. Patricea Chow-Capodieci says:

    Katherine Sng Bring the lion along. Angelina has a stuff toy donkey that she likes. Sometimes she wants to bring it along and we oblige. It's their security blanket, like Linus in Peanuts has his blanket. Most kids have one.

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