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Kaisen Tei by MOF



DIY Rice bowl, perfect as a healthy takeway meal on the go. 

Last month, we were invited to the newly opened Kaisen Tei to try the new concept, casual and friendly which allows us to personalize our own donburi with freshly cubed sashimi, salmon, seafood and vegetables on top of soft fluffy rice. The recipes are developed by Chef Sonoda Kazunori from years of experience and each dish reflects his discerning taste for authentic Japanese cuisine. 


Signature Kaisendon, $16.
Signature KaisenSalad, $16.
The fiish in signature Kaisendon and kaisensalad are Mekajiki/swordfish,  Mini hotate/mini scallop, Maguro/tuna and Salmon (all fish are freshly sliced in the kitchen and not presliced). For those who are on a carb-free diet, the Signature KaisenSalad is so yummy, you won’t even feel you are on a diet!


  • Chicken/Pork Katsu Curry, $16.80. (Kurobuta pork or kobe of pork is used in this curry). 
  • Ebi Curry, $15.80.
  • Korokke Curry, $13.80. 
  • Curry, $10. 


  • Aburi Salmon Don, $16.
  • Ikura Don, $19.80.
  • Hotate Don, $17.80. 
  • Negitoro Don, $16.80. 

Using filtered water used in cooking (removes chlorine which changes taste and courses of food) the Japanese rice (direct from Japan is used), the fluffy rice together the fresh fish gives us a taste of the authentic Japanese food. 


  1. Kaisen_tei_menu
    Fill out the order sheet.  
  2. Choose from 8 types of fish: Salmon, Maguro, Hamachi, Mini Hotate, Tako, Ika, Ishigaki, Mekagiki. 
  3. Choose Rice or Salad.
  4. 4 signature sauces: Kaisen (Shoyu base – a little too salty to our liking), Yuzu (Citrus – our favourite for its light and tangy taste), Wafu (onion base) and Yakiniku (red in colour and garlic base). 
  5. 11 toppings: Fukake, Kurage, Negitoro, Unagi, Mentako, Tamagoyaki, Tobiko, Corn, Tempura bits, Wasabi, Salmon. 
  6. 1 side – Miso soup. 
  7. Kaisen_Tei
    Submit it at the counter
  8. Pay and get a receipt number. 
  9. Kaisen_tei_donburi
    Wait for receipt number to be called out to collect.

Kaisen Tei Outlets:

  • 313 Orchard Road, #03-41 313@somerset Mall, Singapore 238895.
    • Opening hours:
      • Monday to Thursday: 11.30am to 10pm
      • Eve Public Holidays / Friday and Saturday: 11.30am to 10.30pm
      • Public Holidays / Sunday: 11.30am to 10pm
  • GSH Plaza (early April 2017).
  • United Square (May 2017).
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