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KLARITY Launches New Skincare Series



Singapore-based skincare essentials every busy Mama needs.

Founded by Karine Estelle Cheong, KLARITY launches its latest series of skincare products featuring Singapore’s first oxygenated chocolate mask. Add KLARITY onto the list of renowned multinational players you can name-drop in the skincare industry: though a considerably young brand, Karine has led KLARITY on an impeccable journey to attract its own fan base. KLARITY’s penetration into the Southeast Asian markets is astounding. Formulated locally with the support of French technologies and niche Korean manufacturing processes, KLARITY is the first local functional skincare brand to offer Halal-certified formulations. 

The launch debuts the Oxymud Series, Diamond Glow Series, and the Aesthetics ADSC-MAX Series.

Cacao Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask, $89 (100ml)/ $49 (30ml)

The Oxymud Mask is formulated with French sea clay, floral stem cells and tea extracts. This unique formula features a natural Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) fruit infused with oxygen. Apply the Oxymud Mask generously onto your skin for its remarkable 4-in-1 properties: removal of make-up and impurities, deep-cleansing, skin exfoliation, and hydration.

klarity_Aesthetics _ADSC_MAX_The_Immortal_Elixir
The Immortal Elixir, $350 (50ml)

The Immortal Elixir regenerates the Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSC) of the skin, thanks to the technological breakthrough formula that acts on three major functions – protection, prevention, and treatment. This formula identifies with one’s very own original DNA cells, spurring the growth of collagen regeneration.

The Immortal Elixir is a luscious spray that leaves a light and refreshing texture on your skin, regardless if your skin is bare or finished with make-up. The properties identify with the original DNA cells unique to each individual, restoring your complexion and reverses the aging process.

Founder of KLARITY, Karine, wears many hats: Entrepreneur, Winner of Mrs Asia International Global 2016, and a Mother of 2.

Karine often finds herself with insurmountable sleep debts, and lacks time for a regimented skincare procedure due to her responsibilities as an ambitious businesswoman and a committed mother. KLARITY is the panacea to all her problems – she claims as a ‘cheat sheet’ for its straightforward and minimal steps to complete a comprehensive skincare routine.

The beautiful Mama shares with us her secret to retaining her youth and radiance:

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! She carries a bottle of water with her and makes sure she drinks 2-3 litres of water each day. Ample water consumption will unclog pores and expel body toxins, revealing one’s most supple skin.

More importantly, KLARITY has solved all her problems with a time-saving yet thorough skincare formula – which is why all self-loving Mamas should consider KLARITY as a primary source of skincare solutions.

KLARITY products are available island-wide at retail stores at BHG, Sasa, and Pink Beauty; and online at Zalora, Sephora, and Secretive.sg.

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