20th Birthday Box

LANEIGE Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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20th Birthday Box
20th Birthday Box


Launching in Korea back in September 1994, Laneige has grown from strength to strength and, after entering the global market in 2002, has established itself internationally and has rightfully earned the title of K-Beauty Expert!

To celebrate this beauty-filled journey, Laneige have produced Limited Edition Gift Sets that feature their most celebrated products:-

Makeup sets in a choice of either Twinkle Coral or Flash Pink. Each set includes BB Cushion, Serum Intense Lipstick (Twinkle Coral or Flash Pink), Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof and Multi Cleanser (S$93)

20th Birthday Makeup Set (Twinkle Coral) - $93
20th Birthday Makeup Set (Twinkle Coral) – $93

Water Bank set in a choice of either Light or Moisture. Each set includes Water Bank Essence_EX, a choice of either Water Bank Gel Cream or Water Bank Moisture Cream, Power Essential Skin Refiner, a choice of either Balancing Emulsion Moisture or Balancing Emulsion Light and Water Bank Eye Gel (S$112)

20th Birthday Water Bank Set(Moisture) - $112
20th Birthday Water Bank Set(Moisture) – $112

Makeup Sets and Water Bank Sets come together with their very own Limited Edition keep-sake gift box.

As a special gift, the Laneige ambassador, Song Hye Kyo has designed a very special 20th Anniversary Gift to Laneige. This Limited Edition 20th Anniversary set features Song Hye Kyo’s personal favourite Laneige product, the Water Bank Gel Cream_EX.

Each of the 7 different fragrances, in 7 different coloured packing, will represent each day of the week:-

  • Soapy Powder Monday as we don’t yet know what the week ahead will hold,
  • Aqua Fresh Tuesday where our weekly fighting spirit is most alive,
  • Song Hye Kyo’s favourite scent, Lavender sees a slow down in tempo for the mid week at Wednesday,
  • Thursday has a scent of Musk to see us calm down and rethink,
  • Weekend is finally here as Friday Wine is on our minds,
  • Saturday Jasmine & Bergamot makes this sweet day of the week and,
  • Sunday calls for a refreshed mind as we plan the week ahead, the scent of Mandarin is perfect.

This Limited Edition 7-pack of Water Bank Gel Cream_EX retails at S$52 and comes together with a colourful presentation and keep-sake tin.

Laneige 20th Anniversary Gift Sets are available at all Laneige boutiques and counters throughout Singapore.

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