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Lush Suncare Range now in Singapore

The Sunblock Hero


The new launch of the Suncare Range into Lush Singapore, sees us witnessing a revolutionary range of sunscreen products. Not only is the highly protective, Sunscreen Block set to pave the way for more ‘wash and go’ sun protection, the Powdered Sunshine, Sun Tan Lotion and Million Dollar Moisturiser are sure to be fabulous additional products to the Fresh Natural Cosmetic line we love.

The Sunblock Solid Sunscreen Wash (SPF 30 – High protection) – A solid, wash-on sun protection with soothing calamile powder, giving a broad-spectrum natural sunscreen. We think this is an amazing time saver, just wash and go and stay protected all day long! Packed with ingredients that, not only boost effectiveness but also nourish and heal skin, this Solid Sunscreen is sure to set a new trend in the suncare range.

S$30.00 / per 100g (the bar is conveniently portioned into 3 smaller bars, with one smaller bar being the required amount for a full body sun protection.)

Sesame Suntan Lotion (SPF 10 – Low protection) – Ideal for those with a good base tan who want to maintain a healthy glow. A light, sumptuous lotion with an irresistible scent that contains cocoa butter and aloe extract to nourish skin, sesame oil and walnut leaf that help to increase the skin’s natural melanin production.

S$26.50 / per 100g and S$49.50 / per 250g

Million Dollar Moisturiser (SPF 30 – High protection) – This facial sunscreen has an uplifting fragrance and a subtle pigment that really does leave you with a natural and more youthful glow while keeping skin perfectly protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Not only does this high sun protection moisturizer contain industry-standard synthetic sunscreens, it is also packed with ingredients like:-

  • Evening Primrose Oil, to balance and restore the skin,
  • Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, to soften,
  • Honey and Lavender Oil, to keep your complexion smooth and soft, and
  • Ground Almonds, Sesame Seeds and Oatmeal form a soothing milk, that will soothe and hydrate to leave skin soft and plump.
  • ‘Magic Orange Pigment’, this pinch of feeling younger works as a reflector on the skin to leave you with a subtle, healthy glow.

S$110.00 / per 45g

Powdered Sunshine (SPF 15) – For Sunscreen on the go, this loose, light powder is easy and quick to apply throughout the day. Just puff’ into the palm of your hand and then apply to dry skin.

S$25.00 / per 100g

The NEW Suncare Range and many more fresh handmade cosmetics can be found at LUSH shops island-wide.
For shop details and LUSH online, please visit lushsg.com
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