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Multiple Slimming Treatment – Slimming Down and Feeling Great

Slimming Sensation from Scandinavia


Which Mama are you?
• Struggling to shed those extra kg after your pregnancy,
• Busy and finding little time to exercise, or
• A stay at home Mama who snacks with bubba.

We know that a woman’s weight and size is a major factor in her feeling good. Getting back to that ideal weight can leave us not only looking fabulous but feeling great too.

Recently we have discovered some slimming treatments and supplements that we want to tell you lovely Mamas about:-

30day™ the No. 1 Slimming Sensation from Scandinavia

30 days anti cellulite lotion - Slimming Sensation from Scandinavia
30 Days Anti Cellulite Lotion

Now available in Singapore, this Scandinavian slimming supplement will help with sizing down. Mr Nils Kristian Mortensen, founder of Med-Eq, tells us (that) “Size loss is more crucial than weight loss”, and, as Natural Pharma Pte Ltd brings the 30days™ range to an excited audience of Singapore women, he was happy to explain just how 30days™ can work for us.

Internal detoxification, reducing inflammation and supporting the body’s digestive and immune system is key to size loss. The body gains energy to heal, clean out and reduce fat”.

The 30days solution is designed to combine the 100% natural 30days™ supplements with colon cleansing and should be coupled with supportive exercise and healthy eating for optimal results.

The 30days™ range consists of:-

30days™ Waistline – for the reduction of waistline size, this is ideal for those who tend to put weight around the tummy and waist areas.

30days™ Hips, Buttocks & Thighs (HBT) – this is formulated to help those who gain weight in these 3 key areas.

30days™ Anti-Cellulite Lotion – best used to compliment your chosen supplements, this lotion increases microcirculation for smoother, less dimpled skin.

30days™ supplements use a combination of herbs, beta glucan and colon cleansers to make this winning formula. A scientific trial was conducted where participants saw a reduction of 1 to 2 sizes in just 30 days.

The 30days™ range is now available at selected Guardian Health & Beauty, Watson’s and John little stores.

30days ™ Waistline RRP S$108
30days™ Hips, Buttocks & Thighs RRP S$108
30days™ Anti-Cellulite Lotion RRP S$78

More info available at 30days.naturalpharma.com.sg

Slim Story Treatment Marks
Slim Story Treatment Marks

SLIM STORY by Katherine Sng

Engaging the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) magnetic technique, Slim Story therapist massaged the body with a comb-like wood.  The 15 minutes massage with the wooden tool is painful yet bearable- they say no pain no gain when it comes to losing weight with slimming treatments.  After the massage which is supposed to soften the ‘fat’, the therapist capped a few magnetic cups on the massaged area.  According to the therapist these magnetic cups help to increase the metabolism and purge the extra fat cells.  Slim Story treatment last about 90 minutes and cost $186 per treatment.  This TCM treatment coupled with a strict diet tailored by the therapist can help to shed inches and pounds quickly.

For more information and to schedule an appointment at Slim Story, please contact +65 8686 1758.


Chinese Medical Centre
Chinese Physician Taking The Pulse During Consultation

Chinese Medical Centre has 8 branches in Singapore and focuses on the TCM method to help the body maintain a healthy balance. Chinese Medical Centre offers breast enlargement massages and slimming treatments.  I tried the slimming treatment which started off with a consultation with the Chinese physician who will took the pulse and also explained the need to have a healthy balance for higher metabolism.  After the consultation, I was lead to a room to start my treatment.  The physician showed me the needles she used for the acupuncture and talked me through my fear of needles and ‘poking’ the needles at the acupoints.  She ran electric current through needles which was supposed to to clear the meridian points and increase energy flow and boost metabolism and fat burning rate.  Slimming acupuncture ($45) is not for those who have phobia for needles but if one is desperate enough to lose the flab, one would overcome the fear the of needles.

TCM Acupuncture
TCM Acupuncture

Tui Na Slimming Treatment (30 mins, $55) followed after the Slimming Acupuncture Treatment, the massage aims to increase the fat burning process and curb the appetite.  The following night after the Tui Na Slimming Treatment, I realised I didn’t overeat at dinner or craved for snacks.  Base on my one-time experience, Chinese Medical Centre slimming treatments curbed my appetite and I feel it would be effective if the treatments are done more frequently.

For more information and to schedule an appointment at Chinese Medical Centre, please contact +65 6747 5678 or visit cmc.sg.

iBEAUTY MEDISPA by Katherine Sng

We tried consulted with iBeauty Medispa and was advised to try the  Metabolite Wellness Treatment.  A whole new customised treatment that works by spot contouring to promote healing and rejuvenation.  The therapist advised making effort in changing to a healthy lifestyle, starting with a healthy diet.  The healthy diet includes reducing the calories intake and eating healthy.  No amount of slimming treatments or dieting would work if there is no shift towards a healthy lifestyle- exercise is important.

The iBeauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Treatment engages the unique massage technique to unblock and stimulate 106 meridian points through the body during this 30 minute treatment, increasing basal metabolism and blood circulation.  This massage technique ‘wakes up’ the body and drain the fat cells through the lymphatic system at a faster speed. Click HERE for full review.

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