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Penang Culture launches new menu with novel dishes to celebrate its 5th anniversary 

Penang Culture is halal certified and is an established family-style restaurant that has been serving up a myriad of Penang favourites for the last 5 years.  To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Penang Culture has introduced a new menu with interesting twist in the several familiar Penang favourite dishes – Premium Crab Meat & Salted Egg Fried Kway Teow, Salmon Assam Laksa, Penang Lobster & Scallop Noodles, Spicy Fire Wings and BBQ Salmon with homemade spice paste.

Penang Culture Rojak
Penang Rojak, S$5.95

The Penang Rojak is different from Singapore Rojak – the pineapples, cucumber and turnip are cut in bigger pieces while the you tiao is crispy and small slice unlike soggy ones in Singapore Rojak.  The rajak sauce which is used to toss the vegetable also taste different as the sauce is mixed with assam and lemon, hence the texture is thicker and darker than the Singapore sauce.

Penang Culture Curry Fish Balls
Penang Curry Fish Balls, S$4.95

Penang Curry Fish Balls are especially tasty when soaked in curry sauce together with tiny cubes of potatoes.  The fish juicy fishballs are deep fried before they are steeped in the curry grace to allow the balls to soak in all the delicious flavours. This dish is best eaten with hot steamed rice.

Penang Fire Wings (S$6.55) are coated with belachan and deep-fried, tossed in sweet plum and Thai chili sauce, peppered with chilli padi (bird’s eye chilli) before shrinking sesame seeds.  The wings taste sweet and spicy at the same time, first bite reveals the sweetness from the sweet plum and after-taste of spicy from belachan (shrimp paste).

Penang Culture BBQ Salmon
BBQ Salmon, S$11.95

The salmon in the BBQ Salmon is the Norwegian salmon fillet, after it is grilled, it is topped with Chef’s secret recipe paste (Sambal paste).  This sublime sweet, spicy paste is redolent with chilli, lemongrass, onions, ginger flower, assam (tamarind) and sugar.  This Sambal paste is also used on a selection of grilled seafood that is also available at Penang Culture and is savoury and not as sweet as the Singapore paste.

Penang Culture Premium Crab Meat & Salted Egg Fried Kuay Teow
Premium Crab Meat & Salted Egg Fried Kuay Teow, S$15.95

Taking its cue from the beloved Penang Fried Kway Teow, this version is inspired by the latest salted egg craze to hit Singapore.  Tender flat rice noodles are wok-fried with garlic, taugeh (beansprouts), and homemade sambal (chilli paste) before mashed salted egg is tossed in.  Generous helpings of prawns, squid, fish cake and cockles are then added. The final, and crucial touch, is a lavish topping of meaty mud crab meat and salted egg crumbs.  Taste different form the conventional Fried Kuay Teow with a strong ‘wok hey’ flavour and salted egg crumbs.

Penang Culture Salmon Assam Laksa
Salmon Assam Laksa, S$11.95

The assam laksa broth is prepared using the same timeless recipe that made it famous in Penang. Kembong (mackerel), sardine, ginger flower, laksa leaves, assam (tamarind), hae kor (fermented shrimp paste), garlic, galangal, turmeric and lemongrass are boiled together to form the tasty soup. Filling a bowl with specially imported thick vermicelli from Penang, this is topped with chopped pineapple, slivers of cucumber, lettuce and fresh onion slices before generous slices of Norwegian salmon crown the dish. The gravy is then poured in and drained so all the ingredients absorb the flavour, this is done twice and a drizzle of prawn paste adds a finishing touch.  This tangy sour taste from the Assam is tapered off with the use of Salmon as the fish instead of sardine in the conventional dish, making it taste more well rounded.

Penang Culture Lobster & Scallop Noodles
Premium Lobster & Scallop Noodles, S$16.95

Premium Lobster & Scallop Noodles is a luxurious adaptation of Penang favourite, Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles, it is made by boiling a bounty of prawns, crabs and chicken bones for several hours to create the broth. Each bowl is then filled with yellow noodles, scallops, slices of chicken, fish cake, kang-kong (water convolvulus), taugeh (bean sprouts), a hard-boiled egg and a whole slipper lobster before it is filled with the hearty soup.  The luxurious dish tastes better than any other prawn noodle soup we’ve tried and is coming back for.

Penang Culture Milkshakes
Left to right: Cempedak Milkshake and Durian Milkshake, S$6.95 each
Penang Culture Cendol
Penang Cendol Premium Durian Pulp

Using kidney beans and soaking the cendol in coconut milk, the Penang Cendol with Durian pulp (Mao Shan Wang and D38) is the perfect way to end a Penang meal.

Penang Culture is part of GD group with majority of its brands specialized in Penang cuisine.  It also offers HPB approved Healthier Choice Options with just 500 calories and kids meals which are included in the new menu, making it a perfect place for family dining.



Penang Culture is located at:

  • Changi Airport, Terminal 2 – Departure/Check-in Hall, Level 3, #036-087-01. (Full service)
  • JEM
  • Century Square Shopping Mall
  • NEX (opening end 2016)

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