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Discovery Kids : Pet School with host Aaron Craze will be following nine pet-crazy kids on their pursuit to learn what it really takes to care for animals.  When the term is out, will they be able to convince their parents they’ve got all the skills that will earn them their very own animal companion?

Across 10 half-hour episodes, watch as the kids work and play alongside a menagerie of cool creatures with cameras capturing every hilarious and touching moment.  From domestic dogs and cats to exotic snakes and beardless dragons, there is plenty of animal love in every direction, and along the way, kids will pick up practical tips for looking after creatures of all shapes and sizes.

In each episode of Pet School, young budding pet owners are put through ‘pet practice’ where they are assigned to various pet management duties to give them more insight on the individual needs of each animal.  Most of the resident animals at Pet School are rescue animals that had a tough start to life, with ‘pet-spert’ advice from the in-house animal experts, these nine children will become ‘top pet people’ as they are taught not to make the same mistakes as the animals’ previous owners.

Each episode will take these nine animal loving kids, and would be pet owners, on a different fun and challenging journey.  Caring for the cute, the creepy and the cuddly, will these kids make the grade when term is over at Pet School?

Another fun and enriching series that sets to ignite our children’s natural curiosity from the channel that stimulates learning and imagination and provides a safe environment that parents can trust.

Pet School 
Premiers Monday 17th March at 9.00 am (SIN/HK) on Discovery Kids, Starhub Ch.308.  
With encores on Tuesdays at noon and Wednesdays at 1:30 pm and 7:00 pm.
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