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CBeebies – StarHub Channel 303 are presenting Mister Maker – Around the World and they are all set to open the creative mind of your child.

Grab the sticky tape, find the scissors and save all the cereal boxes along with the empty tubes of chips. It’s time to get crafty and see the creative mind come alive with your Bubba.

Perhaps you have no idea where to start when Bubba grabs the empty cereal box and declares it shall be a castle. Or are you at an absolute loss when you discover he is saving all of those kitchen tissue tubes in the hope of making spaceman skittles.

Thankfully, Mister Maker is here to help. Coming to CBeebies this month, Mister Maker Around the World is there to give a crafty hand to us mamas. This creative and talented guy has his Travelling Make Case packed full of brilliant ideas and arty technics and will be in your home to entertain bubba on StarHub CH.303.

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Your child will enjoy Mister Maker enormously. Their time watching and then recreating some craft pieces can do so much good in nurturing your child’s emotional health. After all, creative play is a key role in children’s development.

Creativity is the freest form of self-expression and allowing your child time to enjoy creative play activities is not only fun but it is also an extremely important part of development. Often, a child will use their creative mind to make something fantastic out of a simple household container but it’s important to remember that it’s not the finished product that is of the most relevance, it is the creative idea that your child has used his mind to produce.

Mister Maker Around the World sees the engaging character encouraging and inspiring children worldwide to open their creative mind, have a go at art and get making.

Mister Maker Around The World – premieres in Asia on Monday 3 February 2014 at 3.30pm

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