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On the Power Plate @ Selective Fitness





We recently discovered a fitness studio in the Tanjong Pagar area and we were interested to know if their Power Plate classes can get Mamas like us back into shape. We sent along our editor, Clare Victoria asking her to tell us her experiences at Selective Fitness and what this boutique fitness studio is really like.

Selective Fitness is not a fitness studio where you’ll come out looking ‘cute and ready for a lunch date’! What you will feel after each class is strong, powerful, energized and that you really got your monies worth from the work out.”
– Clare Victoria, Bubbamama.com

Before Clare set out on her journey at Selective Fitness, like most busy mamas, she was fixed on the idea to lose weight and, in her desperation to shed the kilos, her lack of proper nutrition and often ‘silly diets’ would leave her exhausted with no energy to spare throughout the day. She shared that what she really needs to do is tone up, increase her upper body strength and, most importantly, up her fitness level and gain energy.




This is what Clare wants us Mamas to know about Selective Fitness:-

My Power Plate schedule consisted of 2 classes per week for a total of 4 weeks (8 classes in total).

Each class is more or less set out like this to ensure a full body workout:-
• Stretching and loosening up the body to get ready for action,
• Start by working legs – lots of squats for inner thigh, outer thigh and butt.
• Move onto to a full- body work out – using weights for arms, lunges for legs, stretching up to tip-toes for the calf muscles and push ups for arms while keeping the whole body engaged.
• Abs – a few rounds of crunches.
• Finally, finish up with some good long stretches.



To ensure I get the most from my month of Power Plate sessions, my instructor includes a chat about nutrition. I have some simple rules to follow like choosing protein over carbs, taking smaller portions at meal times and hydrating often through the day. This will set me on the right track for a healthy fitness routine.

After my first couple of sessions I admit my legs were really stiff and aching. But with determination and lots of stretching, each Power Plate session got a little easier. Depending on your muscle strength and time since your last embarking on an intense exercise routine, you will no doubt experience some discomfort. This is your muscle working and repairing itself into a stronger muscle…as the saying goes “no pain, no gain”!

As Selective Fitness is a boutique fitness studio, your instructor can take the time to check your posture, advise on those difficult to execute exercises and give lots of encouragement when the class gets tough!

Power Plate offer a mix of 40 minute classes to keep things less mundane:-
• Shape – Resistance training to build lean sexy muscles,
• Sweat – Intense to improve cardiovascular fitness,
• F*AB – helping you get from flab to fab with core and stability exercise,
• Freeplay – let your trainer know what you want and he can plan a class for you.
• Private – These 60 minute classes are just for your and can help you achieve your goals in the quickest time.

I took a good mix of classes – Private, Shape, Freeplay, but I am going to mark the SWEAT class as my most difficult session, ever!

Towards the end of my month of Power Plate classes I’m feeling energized, when I walk up the steps to the fitness studio, I’m ready to work out!

My last day at Selective Fitness came around soon and, as I hit the power plate, I gave this class my all. Afterwards, I vow to myself, and my trainer, that I will keep up the exercise routine and remember the increased energy I have felt since beginning.

For more information on pricing, packages and class schedules, please visit www.selectivefitness.com
or email Chris@selectivefitness.com
Address: 50 Tras Street (Just a 2 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT. Coupon parking along the road is available)
Opening hours: weekdays 7:00 am - 9:20 pm, weekends 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Classes available: Not only Power Plate classes, the studio also offers yoga classes, spin classes 
and their all new rowing classes in a friendly and small class atmosphere.
Showers are available for your convenience.
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