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Review: Loysel’s Toy, A Hidden Known Secret

The Big L's, S$15

You’ve probably heard of Loysel’s Toy. If you haven’t, you might know of Papa Palheta instead. PP has made a mark in the growth of the coffee industry on this little island, providing caffeine for many from their former Hooper Road home to their current flagship store Chye Seng Huat Hardware on Tyrwhitt Road.

Well, the spotlight isn’t on coffee for today’s review. It’s about everything else.

Tucked in a quiet little piece of hidden greenery at Kallang Riverside Park, visit this hidden gem on a weekday or late weekends and you find yourself a perfect place for coffee (or Babycino) dates and escaping from the mad mad world we live in. If the weather permits, do sit outdoors where Bubba can play under the warm sunlight, while you sip on a deliciously-tangy Good Ol’fashioned Iced Tea, brewed inhouse with fragrant green tea. Loysel’s Toy serves light brunch fare ranging from sandwiches to pancakes with scrambled eggs.

The Big L's, S$15
The Big L’s, S$15

First up, The Big L’s comes with sauteed mushrooms, bacon, pork sausages, sliced tomatoes, toast and eggs, scrambled or poached. This certainly wouldn’t be enough for my husband and his ever-expanding waistline, but having it with a cup of coffee made it a substantial meal for me.

Front to Back: Beef Mortadella Sandwich ($13), Good Ol'fashioned Iced Tea ($4.5), Loysel's Brekfast Pancakes ($11)
Beef Mortadella Sandwich, $13

Served on warm toasted bread, a touch of honey mustard gives those sleepy flavours a boost in the Beef Mortadella Sandwich. I personally prefer the Loysel’s Breakfast Pancakes ($11) with sweet, savoury and buttery tastes all combined in a bite.

Front to Back: Piccolo ($4), Mocha ($5), Iced Latte ($5.50), Good Ol'fashioned Iced Tea ($4.50)
Front to Back: Piccolo, $4;  Mocha, $5;  Iced Latte, $5.50; Good Ol’fashioned Iced Tea, $4.50

The varying caffinated drink options cater to most, but for Mamas for non-caffinated perk-me-ups, choose from watermelon, apple to orange for the Freshly Squeezed Juices ($5). Bubbas can feel like adults too with their Babycino ($1.50).

Bubba Emma and Papa Brendan

To sweeten up your forthcoming Mondays, treat yourself to a Lemon Tart ($4.50). An aromatic tart shell holds a generous serving of sweet and tangy lemon curd, which can be a sugar overload, if you have all that curd.

All in all, the food is what you’d expect for brunch, safe options for all and the drinks is their triumph card. For me, it’s the entire package that draws me there. It’s far enough from busy streets and Bubbas can smell the grassy greens or even chance upon a random lesson to fishing. Plus, they change their menu every few months too.

Where are your favourite hunts for brunch and coffee? Share the love and tell us here!

Loysel's Toy
Address: 66 Kampong Bugis, #01-02, Singapore 338987
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday (9am to 6pm, Kitchen closes at 4pm),
Saturday & Sundays (9am to 7.30pm, Kitchen closes at 4.30pm)
Telephone: +65 6292 2306 (no reservations)
For more information, please visit www.loyselstoy.com or Lysel's Toy Facebook.
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