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“Why not make a daily pleasure out of daily necessity”

Peter  Mayle “A Year In Provence”

What started out as a holiday in Europe became a journey for Poetree owner Jessie Wong.  Impressed by the heritage and passion of Provence family-owned Olive and Lavender fields, Jessie decided to start South East Asia’s first online lifestyle boutique specializing in Provence natural skincare collections.

Poetree eventually progressed to a Pop-up store in Millenia Walk (in November 2012) and finally a full fledged retail store May 2013.  Featuring Une Olive en Provence and Le Château du Bois natural skincare.

Une Olive en Provence is the first natural skincare brand to extract the extra virgin essence from the olive oil, blossoms, leaves and olive squalane.  The tedious process of extracting olive blossoms was developed and perfected by Dr Edward Bach (1886 – 1936), a doctor in immunology, bacteriology and homeopathy.  These specialised preparations known under the brand Fleurs de Bach are still being used by his successors to extract a blend to target and regulate emotional states.  Such pure olive essence extracted through this process engages the highly moisturizing, powerful anti-oxidant and relaxing properties to nourish and improve skin tone.

2 in 1 Hair and Body Shampoo 500ml, $48


The 2 in 1 Hair and Body Shampoo contains the powerful olive essence which helps to nourishes extremely dry hair to prevent breakage and promote cell rejuvenation.

Crème Bonne Mine, $95

Crème “Bonne Mine”, the Instant Lift Radiance Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains the powerful ingredients to boost circulation, assisting skin absorption of the nutrients, thus promoting optinal cell regeneration and oxygenation.   This results in the ‘Radiance Glow’ many women yearn for.

Refreshing Tonic Gel 75ml, $36

                                                             Refreshing Tonic Gel 75ml, $36

Le Château du Bois cultivates “lavandula angustifolia” commonly known as fine lavender is over a 80 hectare estate almost 1.1km above sea level.  The lavender oil distilled is  extremely pure and is often used to calm the mind and the skin.  The calming blend of essentials in the Refreshing Tonic Gel promises physical healing, calming tired muscles.  It works to improve blood circulation and minimise water retention.  Good especially for pregnant ladies.

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Poetree- www.poetreeinbloom.com
Millenia Walk, #01-76 (Open daily 10.30am – 9pm)
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