Practical and Fabulously Chic Homeware



We’ve gathered some gadgets and appliances for the home that are, not only perfectly practical but also fabulously chic.

Be it the household chores or the necessary home ware, when the gadgets and appliances are more than perfectly practical but are also far from boring it does make a refreshing change.

We’ve been gathering some of our favorites together and know you are going to ‘need’ them in your life :-

Keep Calm and Breath Easy

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Battle the haze, rid the home of tobacco smoke and allergenic dust with the Rowenta Intense Pure Air Purifier PU2120.

  • Triple filtered (pre-filter, carbon filter and HEPA filter) to clear air of 99.5% of suspended dust in one hour (based on 70m2).
  • HEPA filter meets international standards and is certified with the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval
  • Smart Indication & Intuitive Sensors to ascertain the level of air pollution.
  • Convenient Timer & Speed Control – choose one, four or eight hours OR leave on AUTO which uses the sensors to adjust the filtration speed based on the level of air pollution.

Priced at $499 at all leading electrical departmental stores

HEPA filter should be changed every 2 years and carbon filters changed every year.  A replacement set can be purchased at $129 (set contains one HEPA and two Carbon filters)


Effortless Ironing

Cut the cord, sever all ties and set yourself free with the revolutionary NEW TEFAL FREEMOVE

  • Free movement & powerful – not compromising on power with its 2400w output as well as increasing ironing range.
  • Turbo Shot – this function emits steam of up to 170g/min to fight those stubborn creases
  • Vertical steaming option – for quick touch ups for garments on hangers
  • Easyfix docking system to recharge and rest the iron between garments
  • Alert and Quick Recharge – Freemove is charged for 4 seconds between each press and the in-built alert beeps to remind you to recharge after extended periods of use.

Along with an auto-off, auto-steam control system, anti-scale system and auto-clean plate, this new TEFAL iron may even put a smile on your face while you iron!

Priced at $229 from all leading electrical and departmental stores.

Ceramic Diffuser for ultimate home fragrance

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GEORGE by Mr & Mrs Fragrance are an exclusive brand of fragranced ceramic diffusers.  Italian designed and compatible with scented capsules from Mr & Mrs Capsules On Air range, GEORGE brings a whole world of fragrances into every setting with his signature ‘open arms’.

GEORGE is available in 6 vibrant colors, is charged with a reusable lithium battery and comes with a USB cable.  Fragrance capsules come in 22 wondrous fragrances that are natural and alcohol-free.

GEORGE is priced from $149 to $169.  Mr & Mrs Capsules On Air come in a pack of two at $29.90.

Exclusively available at Robinsons Orchard

Cook & Serve with CRISTEL

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From kitchen to table, the CRISTEL handle-free design transforms a performance cooking utensil into an elegant serving dish.  Available in three different bases to suit every cooking need or pocket.

  • Multi-functional with Removable Handle – the saucepan becomes a casserole dish and the frying pan becomes an oven dish.
  • Multi-cooking – compatible with any source of heat (electric, vitro, halogen gas and induction) and can go in the oven as well as washed in the dishwasher.
  • Compact storage – another highlight of the removable handle, these pans can be stacked up neatly and safe on cupboard space

CRISTEL prices range from $108 for the ‘classic’ base and are available exclusively at Robinsons Orchard

Com’ 1 Chef is the sole distributor of Cristel in Singapore

Magimix your kitchen space


Designed to make life simpler and giving groundbreaking creations that continue to surprise consumers, MAGIMIX have numerous star products such as the multifunction food processor, juicers and blenders and their latest offering of innovative technology, the Vision Toaster.

The award winning Vision Toaster is the world’s first see-through toaster:-

  • 8 different settings for variable browning,
  • Re-heat or defrost function,
  • Suitable for ANY bread type,
  • Double-insulated glass windows – secure and easy to clean as well as allowing users to achieve perfect browning.



Le Toaster

Magimix Vision Toaster is priced at $498

Magimix products are available exclusively at Robinsons Orchard

Com’ 1 Chef is the sole distributor of Magimix in Singapore

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