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Toys “R” Us the world’s largest dedicated toy and baby products retailer, has revamped its Paragon store to engage and entertain shoppers with a new multi-sensory in-store experience.

The first experience that will tickle visitors’ senses starts with a customised scent, Candy Ribbon that trickles through the air with its refreshing notes and leaves a feeling of wanting more!  The playful fragrance with hints of orange, strawberry, and sweet vanilla makes visitors and customers feel like they are in play land!


Visually, changes have been made to the store and its layout, including the additions of thematic display shelves such as a rainbow display arch which stretches across the aisle, leading to little hut where shoppers can pose for photos.  For the more adventurous, there is a shooting gallery where customers can test out the latest toy guns.

Singapore’s Country Manager for Toys “R” Us shared that she notes (that) “shopping is less functional now, and more experiential.  Parents want to spend time with their kids, take ‘wifies’ and share their experiences with their friends and family – online.  This experience can make the difference in where parents and their children make their toys purchase decisions”.

We have to agree, when ‘playing’ is such a huge part of our little ones’ learning, we want to make the right decision when purchasing the tools (toys).

Each Toys “R” Us store will have a unique feel, offering new features district to create memorable play moments for us all.  We can watch out for more revamps happening in the future.

One of our favouite elements to the Toys “R” Us Paragon store is the backdrop for selfies that doubles as an information display wall where we can see news and catch exclusive offers.

For more information about Toys “R” Us Paragon, please click HERE


During the recent opening of the revamp store, 37 children (aged 2 to 6 years) from Beyond Social Services were surprised with a chance to shop for presents courtesy of Toys “R” Us and explore the elements of the new revamp Toys “R” Us Paragon store.

(All image credit to Toys “R” Us Singapore)

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