3M Polarizing Task LED Light Review

Review: 3M Polarizing LED Task Light



Do you suffer from eyestrain and tiredness after long periods working under dim light?  Good lighting can play a role in efficiency of our work, as well as our optical health.

3M Polarizing Task LED Light Review
3M Polarizing Task LED Light Review

Following a recent survey by 3M, it was found that 70% of people in Singapore do not own a table lamp or task light and rely solely on ceiling lights – however, overhead room lights are often insufficient and can cast shadows, causing more strain on your eyes in the long run.

3M understand the strain we put on our eyes on a daily basis and are introducing the new LED5000 Polarizing Task Light.  This eye saving Task Light features 3M’s trademark Polarizing Filter Technology that can reduce glare by up to 80% and help to reduce harmful glare and elevate your reading comfort.

How does the Polarizing Filter Technology perform?

While most other lamps allow normal light rays comprising both comfortable and harmful light to enter, the 3M polarizing optical film only filters comfortable light through; at the same time it converts the harmful rays into optimal lighting as well.  As such, only optimal light reaches your eyes, minimizing eyestrain and allowing for longer hours of comfortable reading.

A table lamp for ALL tasks and a design to match any décor

3M LED5000 Polarizing Task Light features 5 brightness levels so, with just one touch, we can switch from the bright level 5 (used for studying, essay writing or detailed work, such as craft activities) down to the softer glow of level 1 when relaxing and watching television.  As well as being practical and suited to ALL tasks, this 3M Polarizing Task Light also features a sleek and minimalistic design therefore suited to any room décor.  Available in sleek white and jet black, we see it seamlessly fit into any living room, bedroom or workspace.  Another great design effort is its slim, streamlined body that is retractable to save space when not in use.

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3M Polarizing Task LED Light

Other benefits and features of the LED5000 Polarizing Task Light include:-

  • Longer lasting for more cost savings – the LED light lasts for up to 40,000 hours, saving costs by reducing the need for bulb replacements.
  • LED technology for a greener and safer home – unlike traditional fluorescent tubes or light bulbs, an LED light bulb does not use mercury, minimizes ultraviolet rays and does not heat up; it is more durable and provides a constant and steady source of light that neither flashes nor flickers.
  • Electromagnetic Interference Test Certificate – The lamp minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI), preventing disruptions to other deices such as smartphones when the lamp is in use.

How we rate this 3M Polarizing Task Light:-

Mama sits at her laptop typing away and straining her eyes under the ceiling light : Reading press releases and creating a feature on her blog often leads to eyestrain and results in tired eyes and sometimes headaches at the end of a long day.  We feel the 3M Polarizing Task Light is our ideal partner here, we simply touch the brightness level up as and when required and can easily reduce to a softer light to reduce any glare.

The Bubbas are happy with the 3M Polarizing Task Light too, they will increase the brightness level for the written homework tasks and when they’ve finished the school work they can either reduce the brightness to a comfortable mid level and join friends on the Minecraft server or crank the brightness up to level 5 and craft some fabulous Rainbow Loom designs.

All in all, Bubbamama is giving this 3M Polarizing Task Light the double thumbs up!

3M LED5000 Polarizing Task Light retails at SGD$239 and is available at Best Denki, Popular Bookstores and other leading retailers.

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