Review: Pasta La Vista at Swensen’s


Swensen’s is introducing some limited edition Pasta La Vista dishes, where Asian and European flavours are fused together for an international medley of wallet-friendly treats. Available from 1st March to 30th April, four new pasta items ($16.50 – $17.50) and three refreshing thirst-quenchers have been introduced where both variety and value is served.

Short Ribs Shabu Shabu Pasta ($16.90)

Served in a bowl of homemade chicken broth, generous tender slices of US Short Ribs rest on a bed of broth-infused angel hair and topped with mushrooms, Bubba-sized tomatoes and eggs for a fuss-free version of Shabu Shabu. Swensen’s Short Ribs Shabu Shabu Pasta ($16.50)  is definitely the most Bubba-friendly pasta of the team!

Craving for Chili Crab, but don’t wanna risk splattering red sauce all over during a short one-hour lunch break? Go for the Chili King Prawn Pasta ($17.50), where one of Singapore’s iconic dishes gets a little Italiano under its skin. Al dente spaghetti is tossed in Swensen’s homemade Chili Crab sauce that packs a punch. Those sweet prawns are as big as they look in this picture too.

Crabmeat Squid Ink Pasta ($17.90)

The Crabmeat Squid Ink Pasta ($17.50) is a medley of crabmeat chunks tossed with Shimeiji mushrooms in a velvety creamy sauce, which goes surprisingly well together. You’ll never get the dreaded black teeth from eating this unique variation of a classic too.

Mac 'N' Chic Laksa + Green Tea Apple Soda ($21.80)

This is my favourite of the four, Mac’ N’ Chic Laksa ($16.50) macaroni infused with authentic laksa sauce! Those juicy chicken skewers provide lots of protein, making it a healthier alternative for Mamas. I like that this fusion dish isn’t soaked with laksa gravy and it still has a touch of spiciness for the chili-loving us.

Blackcurrent with Passionfruit Tea, Iced Peach Tea (Both $5.90)

With the new additions, comes three refreshing drinks; Green Tea Apple Soda, Blackcurrent with Passionfruit Tea and Iced Peach Tea, all priced at $5.90. Get a Pasta Zesty Iced Tea Combo and enjoy $1 off too. Head down to any Swensen’s outlets (except Bugis Swensen’s) from 1st March to 30th April 2014 to try these limited-editions yummy treats, before it’s too late!

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