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New in Romantic Makeup Collections

Press Release page 1

Press Release page 1


Japanese cosmetics are distinctively different, offer edgier looks and are showing us some new ways with makeup that can give us Mamas a few fresh new looks.

Being a Mama doesn’t mean you have to stick to the classic makeup styles that can often be a little boring and may even see you positively blend into the crowd. Shake up your makeup bag and add in some playful, flirtatious and innocent romance to your makeup look. Trends have recently shown us some new ways to use rich colours and textures on lips and eyes to create a beautiful contrast to our natural beauty.

Recently, we were introduced to new collections from Brigitte and Majolica Majorca. Both of these Japanese cosmetic brands are presenting us with bold and rich-toned colour to accentuate eyes and lips as well as creating a pure and natural finish to our makeup.

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Majolica Majorca unveils their latest collection entitled ‘Chapter 39 – Pure Play’ and our Beauty Editor gives you some thoughts on this new Chapter to the Majolica Majorca story:-

• Lash Expander Edge Meister 17 is mascara with a beautiful, glittery-blue stardust-like finish that promises to ‘leave lashes strong and voluminous’. With its small comb-like applicator, I had great success in applying to those difficult-to-catch short lashes like eye corners and lower lashes. It is sweat, oil, tear and waterproof so I’m happy to report it stays in place without causing embarrassing smudges. I usually prefer a darker (black) mascara but this is a nice change and the glittery effect does add some real texture to lashes.

• Rouge Majex Lip Colour is available in 2 shades ‘Pure Apple’ and ‘Poisonous Apple’. Designed in these bold colours that give lips true prominence, they are also packed with moisturizing ingredients to keep lips silky. I find the lip colours glide on smoothly, have incredible staying power and have a rather pleasant scent too.

• The Little Humming Book IV opens to reveal a versatile makeup palette that has everything you need to add some eye-catching light to your look. As an eye shadow it will brighten the eye area or, used as a high-lightening powder, it will finish off your look beautifully. Ideally sized to carry along in your bejeweled clutch, perfect for when you need a touch of light to perk up your tired eyes.

Next for the Bubbamama trial is Brigitte. With powder for face, swirls of colour for cheeks, shimmer for eyes, fantastic mascara and romantic eyelashes in this new Romantic Collection, let us hear what our Beauty Editor has to say about Brigitte:-

When I hear the name Brigitte I immediately think of the very glamorous French beauty that was Brigitte Bardot. Perhaps, like Brigitte Bardot, this make up Collection can inspire we Glam Mamas to be true romantic goddesses.

• My favourite item from the Brigitte Collection are the Romantic Eyelash sets. Being lighter than the regular falsies on the market, these eyelashes really are comfortable, put no stress on the eyelid yet create the impact we look for. I even had compliments of how natural these lashes appear. There is a style to suit your every mood from ‘Classic’ for the everyday look we Mamas need or ‘Frill’ and ‘Feather’ when we desire some playful fun. Two pairs of lashes per pack make them great value too.

• Marble Creamy Cheeks to bring out that rosy dewy look. When I look for a blush I tend to lean towards the marble creations and these 3 tone blends by Brigitte are no exception. Natural glow is easily achieved with just a simple swish of your blush brush.

• Nudie Contrast Powder promises to be ‘your magical highlight powder’. I will say that if you’ve already studied how to contour and add highlight to your best features then this is perfect for you. Available in 2 shades, you shall find the match for your skin tone and can professionally accentuate your best features instantly.

• For Eyes, Brigitte give us Creamy Shimmering Eyes in a range of soft and gorgeous colours, I can assure you eyes are given that extra twinkle. Finishing off eyes beautifully is the Fantastic Deep Mascara, choose Deep Black or Pink Brown to create volume without the unsightly clumping. Romantic eyes created with the help of Brigitte are perfect for ‘date night’ when you want him looking into your eyes!

Majolica Majorca and Brigitte are sold exclusively at selected Watsons stores.

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