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Whenever I crave for truffle fries or squid ink pizza, Skinny Pizza comes straight to my mind. Those little tins of perfectly-fried strips of gold laced with scrumptious truffle oil are probably the most luxurious, yet affordable fries out there. Having been voted as Best of the Best by Her World, the squid ink pizza is my absolute favourite.

Well, Skinny Pizza does it again! Their thin-novators give us a world tour with three delectable thin creations and two wholesome pastas.

Skinny Pizza_Dijon Chicken & Coriander Pesto, Moroccan Chicken, Satay Chicken (WF)

First up, we have Satay Chicken Pizza ($22) from Singapore. Now you can enjoy the familiar taste of Chicken Satay, without the heat. Indulge in this fresh take of a local classic with tender marinated chicken chunks nestled in a bed of cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, romaine lettuce, watercress, sweet and spicy pineapple bites and lastly, dressed in homemade satay sauce. This is a perfect way to introduce Chicken Satay to Bubbas, as the mild spiciness is gentle enough for young ones, and those crisp vegetables provide extra nutritions for little tummies.

The French contender, Dijon Chicken & Pesto Pizza ($24) is filled with dijon-marinated chicken cubes, coriander pesto yogurt, roasted pumpkin, grilled zucchini, sweet peach slices. Rocket, alfalfa sprouts, cherry tomatoes and sliced almonds add so much freshness to this pizza. I love the variety of veggies and fruits and it balances the creaminess of pesto yogurt beautifully. The inviting colours will entice little eyes too.

A little something exotic from North Africa, Moroccan Chicken Pizza ($24) satisfies curious taste buds with smashed chicken meatballs, portobello mushrooms, dukkah, sour cream, rocket, drenched with a hearty ragu sauce, and topped with crispy bacon for an extra bite.


For those in need of a heartier meal, turn to our Italian friends, Prawn Crema Rosa Tagliatelle ($24) and Smoked Chicken Pesto Capellini. Succulent prawns are dressed in creamy tomato-based sauce and while hints of parsley add a little kick to this comforting dish. House-smoked chicken in this delicious pasta are tossed in light, yet flavourful red pepper-basil pesto and finished with a touch of Parmesan. Personally, I’ve never liked creamy pastas, as I find the creaminess rather unappetizing, but the blend of tomato and cream sauce is so well-balanced, I’ll finish a whole plate and more. Pesto has always been my favourite way to have pasta, and I find the red pepper and basil version oh-so tantalising.


I have always been a fan of their low-carb pizzas with generous servings of nutritious fresh vegetables. With Bubba in tow now, I am constantly looking for ways to interest Bubba in learning. What better way for Bubbas to learn about different countries, than to bring them down to Skinny Pizza for a meal! Travel round the world to France and enjoy Dijon Chicken and Coriander Pesto Pizza. Wear the boot of Italy with Prawn Crema Rosa Tagliatelle and Smoked Chicken Pesto Capellini. Move a little down South for Moroccan Chicken Pizza and we’re back home at Singapore with Chicken Satay Pizza.

Do you have any tips on engaging Bubba with the world of learning? Share with us here!

Skinny Pizza
Plaza Singapura
Raffles City
Wheelock Place
Great World City
House (Dempsey)
Monday to Sunday: 11am to 10pm
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