REVIEW : Smartphone & Tablet-in-one – The ASUS PadFone S

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PadFone S - Combined - Black


Can we really have it all, get the best of both worlds with our smartphone and tablet as a two-in-one device?  No more juggling our smartphone and tablet around in an effort to stay connected with the ASUS PadFone S.

We recently put the ASUS PadFone S to the test, and were very impressed with the ease in which we can switch from the small and limited view screen of the smartphone to the larger ease of handling tablet. The unique two-in-one design gives us the flexibility and best screen option for every scenario and adapts to our needs in an instant.

There are many benefits to this two-in-one device of smartphone and tablet and you can read the full review and ‘our honest opinion’ HERE

Not only is it simple to slip between smartphone to tablet in an instant, the docking technology of the PadFone S Station keeps the PadFone S secure and safe without the need of manual clips or locks.  The Ultra fast mobile data speed and QI wireless charging support also makes the ASUS PadFone S an interesting choice.

Two of our must-mention benefits here are:-

  • The ASUS PadFone S has a large 2,300mAh battery inside which will deliver all-day battery life with up to 22 hours of 3G talk time. If that still is not enough, the PadFone S Station has an additional 4,990mAh battery that can be used to charge the PadFone S, thus extending your battery life to up to 64 hours of 3G talk time,
  • Use of only one LTE Data Plan, so whether you mainly consume data on your smartphone or tablet, you no longer have to make that choice – we can now get the most out of our smartphone and tablet as the PadFone S Station uses the PadFone S’s data connection for internet access.

We, not only think the two-in-one device is great for a busy working lady or a busy run-around-do-everything mom, we also think the ASUS PadFone S would make a great choice for the kids too.  He can have the PadFone S (smartphone) when he’s out and needs to call us and, when studying or playing, there is no additional data plan required for his internet use on the PadFone S Station (tablet).  Add to that the quality and sturdy design making it, in our opinion, child proof too.

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