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What to expect at the U Care Back to School Fair 2014

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The annual U Care Back to School Fair kicks off this Friday, 12 December 10am at the National Library Building.  This year sees the U Care Back to School Fair welcoming even more ‘back to school’ store partners, inviting even more authors (both established and new) and, for 2014, the U Care Back to School Fair is running for 3 days (Friday 12 December to Sunday 14 December 10am to 8pm daily) so everyone gets a chance to attend, enjoy the fun actives and take advantage of the promotions and discounts from our favourite ‘back to school’ stores.

We went a long to an exclusive Media Preview of this years U Care Back to School Fair recently and took a sneak peek to find out exactly what to expect at the U Care Back to School Fair 2014:-

Meet & Greet the Author Sessions including Workshop and Story Telling Times

Authors including Adeline Foo (national bestseller The Diary of Amos Lee series), Eliza Teoh (bestselling Ellie Belly series), Adan Jimenez and Felicia Low-Jimenez (writers A.J.Low writers of Sherlock Sam award winning books), Lesley-Anne Tan (co-author of Danger Dan book series), Ang Thiam Poh (local comic artist), Johnny Lau (creator of Mr Kiasu), David Seow (published over 30 children’s books), Ace Khong (illustrator in both Chinese and English books), Gabby Tye (14 year old author of the trilogy RunHideSeek), Sarah Mounsey (Award winning Purple Paw Prints picture books), Susanna-Goho Quek (writer and illustrator of God is Hu?), Andy Chua (introducing Fossil Finders adventure stories).

From established authors to new inspiring authors, the list of authors attending this 2014 U Care Back to School Fair is better than any other year with a great line up of both local and international names.  Take your pick among the exciting meet & greet sessions, talks and creative workshops to draw you into the wondrous world of stories and see your child’s love of books begin to bloom, highlights include:-

  • Best selling author Adeline Foo will be introducing her new book ‘The Travel Diaries : Monkeying in Malaysia’ and sharing secrets on how she gets the ideas for her book.
  • Aspiring writers can pick up tips from the likes of A.J.Low and Eliza Teoh as they share ways to; create your own superheroes, write an essay, characterisation and plot creation.
  • Sarah Mounsey will bring her troupe of animal puppets along and show how stories truly come to life and how to engage children with puppets, questions and how to get the children thinking during story telling time.
  • Reading in Chinese may be a challenge to some and can be made easier through Chinese comics, find out how this can be great for inter-generational bonding activities.

Parenting Tips from the Experts – Pick up Expert Advice on Helping your Child Learn in Workshops and Talks

No one ever said parenting was an easy task, and the U Care Back to School Fair 2014 has a line up of experts on hand to help us out.  Parents can brush up on useful skills like; helping our children grow their love for reading, handle exams, and build financial and internet literacy from experts such as:-

  • Daddy blogger Kelvin Ang of Cheekiemonkies will share parenting tips and his fatherhood journey in ‘Keep Calm and Father On’,
  • ‘Making Sense of Your Money’ will shed light on spending patterns and help you set financial goals, this session is led by a financial expert from Singapore Polytechnic-Institute of Financial Literacy,
  • Parents of P1 to P6 students can learn how to grow their children’s love of reading, get tips on choosing correct books based on age, content and interest of the child as well as increase your child’s reading repertoire, this workshop is titled ‘Growing a Love for Reading’ and is headed by Denise Tan, owner of Closetful of Books.
  • The internet is a huge place and can sometimes be difficult to navigate, Reference Librarian Roy Won offers practical tips to help your child search for creditable information from the internet,
  • Get exam tips and learn how to score A* for comprehension from English PSLE Coach Adeline Yeo.

Kids Fun and Activities – Because with Stories, the Fun Never Ends

Learning and keeping knowledge is always so much easier with some fun times too, children can try their hands at drawing workshops, learn about the diversity of species, culture and history through National Geographic talks and, the author of Fossil Finder series, Andy Chua, will bring along his fossil collection (more than 300 fossils) where children can walk into the mysterious world of dinosaurs.

One-Stop Bazaar for School-Related Merchandise – Promotions and Discounts of up to 75%

Preparing the huge amount that our children need prior to the new school year is often a daunting time, not only traipsing around the stores from mall to mall but, more so, the cost involved of stocking up on stationery, multi-media products, health supplements, shoes, etc…  The U Care Back to School Fair 2014 brings together all of the stores you will need visit to purchase all of the school-related merchandise your children will need prior to staring their new school year.  Stores like Bata (15% of school shoes), Closetful of Books (up to 63% off children’s books), Faber Castell (up to 50% off coloring materials), FairPrice (savings on Canon multimedia products and more), impact (spinal protect bag at S$45 (u.p. S$109), Lingzi Media (up to 45% off chinese story books), Majority Media (up to 75% off subscriptions and sure-win lucky dip), National Geographic (up to 56% off subscriptions), Popular (up to 68% off assessment books), Unity (special deals on health supplements).  Special promotions and discounts are exclusively for NTUC Union Members.

For more information on activities and promotions for BTS Fair, visit U Care Back to School Fair.

New for this U Care Back to School Fair 2014 edition is Project 1319 which aims to inspire youths to chase their dreams.  If you are between 13 and 19 years old or are a parent of children aged 13 to 19 years, check out our feature of What to Expect from Project 1319 at U Care Back to School Fair 2014 (up soon).

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