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What to Expect from Project 1319 at U Care Back to School Fair

U Care Back to School Fair - Image 2

U Care Back to School Fair - Image 2


The annual U Care Back to School Fair kicks off this Friday, 12 December 10am at the National Library Building. This year sees the U Care Back to School Fair welcoming even more ‘back to school’ store partners, inviting even more authors (both established and new) and, for 2014, the U Care Back to School Fair is running for 3 days (Friday 12 December to Sunday 14 December 10am to 8pm daily) so everyone gets a chance to attend, enjoy the fun actives and take advantage of the promotions and discounts from our favourite ‘back to school’ stores.

The new addition for this year’s U Care Back to School Fair is Project1319 which is set to inspire youths and help them set their life aspirations early.  Project 1319 takes place on Friday, 12 December 2014 from 10am to 5.30pm (pre-registration is required).  More info and how to register HERE.

We went a long to an exclusive Media Preview of this years U Care Back to School Fair recently and took a sneak peek to find out exactly what to expect from Project 1319 at U Care Back to School Fair:-

What is Project 1319?

Project 1319 aims to help youths aged 13 to 19 years old understand the importance of setting their life aspirations early through a self-discovery process.  Participants can expect to be inspired by fellow youths who have overcome all odds to realize their goals in life, and ultimately achieve success.  Youths will also pick up practical tips from speakers on effective communication and personal branding.  Highlights of Project 1319 are:-

  • Draw Inspiration, the panel discussion by young speakers who went against all odds to chase their dreams with speakers including; Mr Ahmad Hidayat, founder of Dutch Colony Coffee and an ITE graduate didn’t have it easy when starting his entrepreneur journey but perseverance and grit saw him become the world’s 2nd ranking barista.  Ms Tan Ter Cheah, her story is one of courage and resilience in the face of a life-altering event as she became a lawyer and author despite losing her leg to cancer at the age of 6 years.  Mr David Hoe – once a delinquent but turned MOE scholar shares his journey from scoring 110 for PSLE to repeating Secondary 3 and 4 in the Express Stream and finally earning a place at NUS under a teaching scholarship.  Ms Aisah Dalduri – together with her sister, has co-founded Fictive Fingers and in less than 2 years, it has become a well-known fabric design company all over the world, she will share her trials and tribulations and how she overcame challenges.
  • A journey of self-discovery will be guided by Mr Johnny Lau, well-known comic artist and creator of Mr Kiasu and Jump Class comic series, participating youths will identify their true aspirations.
  • Youths aged 13 to 19 years will learn useful tips from speakers in the talk/workshop ‘Transform Yourself from Inside Out’.  Ms Pang Li Kin brings 20 years of experience of working with global clients as an image consultant and will share how to project an image that creates a positive impression on others.  A 27 year old who has guided

Participants at the Project 1319 by U Care Back to School Fair 2014 will be able to seek clarity for their future, find inspirations, hear inspiring stories, share their dreams and aspirations and get tips and first-hand knowledge on the journey from youth to grown-up in this exciting new Project for U Care Back to School Fair 2014.

Registration is necessary for this one-day symposium, do visit ntuc.org.sg/btsfair.  Project 1319 features a workshop in the morning, bento box lunch followed by a panel session and two talks in the afternoon.

For more information, visit ntuc.org.sg/btsfair and also see our feature What to Expect at U Care Back to School Fair 2014 HERE.

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