How to Spend Sundays: The Beastly Brunch



There are times for white linen tablecloths and pressed napkins, and there are times for loose-fitted pants. At The Beast, it is the latter. Expect to dig into hearty portions of classic Southern comfort food at The Beastly Brunch—loose-fitted pants are not only ideal—it’s necessary, especially with food as good as this.

There are restaurants that offer a million items on the menu, with barely any that actually tastes good. The Beast isn’t one of them. There’s only eight items on the The Beastly Brunch menu, but each of them has got our stamp of approval. The Beast is also kid-friendly, so there’s good space for the little ones.

Order the big biscuit ($22) and sink your teeth into rich buttermilk biscuit with their signature sweet and juicy Southern fried chicken served with candied bacon and sunny side up egg, slathered in pimento cheese and thick sausage gravy. Wear a bib if need be—we reckon it’s gonna get messy.

The Beastly Brunch Pulled Pork Hash
The Beastly Brunch Pulled Pork Hash

The pulled pork hash ($18) features thick shreds of 10-hour pulled pork properly laced with spices and sweet barbecue sauce, over a bed of fried potato cubes and spring onions. To top it off, a perfect soft-boiled egg sits atop the hearty mess—break and mix the runny yolk into the pork to achieve the full flavors of the dish.

The Beastly Brunch Mac & Cheese Burger
The Beastly Brunch Mac & Cheese Burger

If you can’t decide between having mac and cheese or a burger, that’s just what the mac and cheese burger ($22) is for. Unleash the beast with this incredibly delicious burger sandwiched between two crisp and crunchy mac and cheese patties, smothered with a sweet bacon jam and tangy Southern barbecue sauce with fresh greens. Served alongside sweet potato fries, this monstrosity of a dish is not meant for the weak.

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