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Simply Life Children’s Collection is Simply Beautiful




By Kristine Ong

Imagine a world filled with hope and happiness, possibilities and positivity.

Now picture yourself in it.

It’s simple.

An encouraging word, a helping hand, or a timely pat on the back is

sometimes what we need to become all that we can be and live the life we want.

The lovely couple behind Simply Life, Mr Gilbert CH’ng ad Ms Choong Yih Min, have poured a whole lot of love into their products. The thoughtfulness and attentiveness that went into the designs are unmistakable. It is clear to see that they have designed this collection with the love of their children in mind.


Their clothing line comprises of bamboo fabric which while being breathable and cooling, is naturally anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. The same fabric composition is also used for their bedding collection (priced from SGD$29.95). This means that parents will not have to worry about their little ones being itchy and sweaty in this tropical weather, and instead enjoy all those precious baby moments as they come. The clothing line includes baby onesies, play suits, pajamas, big kid underwear, socks, and towels (priced from SGD$13.95).

The towels are the softest things next to baby skin and would make a really lovely baby gift (priced from SGD$19.95). Some of these products are already available in all major department stores if you want to have a feel of the lovely fabric.


There are also bedding options and dining options. Their dining line consists of little melamine tableware sets (5-pieces – a round plate, an oval plate, fork and spoon set, and a cup) with the most adorable prints. There are currently two different sets, one animal themed and the other, vehicle themed (priced from SGD$3.95 fork & spoon set to SGD$7.95 round plate)


They also have a range of water bottles (made of top quality BPA free plastic, but of course!) for children with different options to customize according to the child’s age. There are three different tops (straw lid, spout lid and screw-on cover) and bottles of different capacities. The bottles with straw lids come with a strap, which are perfect for toddlers, while ones with the spout lid are great for slightly older children who are learning to transition away from the straw. Even with these simple products, the Simply Life team has again done its magic. The straps come with a safety snatch where if a force of more than 5 kg is experienced by the strap, the snatch gives way to release all that force from the child’s neck. The spout lid comes with a cap and a lock so there’s no accidental spillage if the bottle latch is accidentally pressed.  Bottles priced at $12.95 for child bottles and SGD$9.95 for older child/teen bottle)

Simply Life launched its online website (www.simplylife.com.sg) last week with a whole range of lovely lifestyle products, you can start shopping Simply Life HERE. “From quality baby care and childrenswear to homeware and other lifestyle essentials, Simply Life cloaks you like the warmest sunshine.” And “warmest sunshine” is about as right as you can get to describe their products. The softest textures and the attention to detail are amazing. It’s almost unfair that they don’t have an adult’s line to go along with their current children’s line!

Simply Life is currently available at the following department stores:-
Attic Pals, Tanglin Mall
John Little
Kiddy Palace
Kids World
Mon Chou Chou, Millenia Walk
Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

For more information on locations, please click HERE

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