Singapore’s First Alpine Cuisine Restaurant, Zott’s True Alps Opens At Amoy Street


Zott's True Alps

Zott's True Alps for Gourmet Adventures (4)

We have to admit—we have no clue what Alpine cuisine is. The closest we’ve got to Alpine-anything in Singapore are Ricola herb drops; which isn’t much to go by. Fortunately, the obsequious service staff are well-trained in product knowledge; fervently describing each dish (as far as to which region the ingredients are from) as we go along our meal.

First things first: step into the restaurant and you’ll be either be taken aback by the giant taxidermied three-year-old ox known as Hieronymus (which means ‘sacred name’ in Greek)—a former pet of restaurant owner, Mr. Zott, or, embrace the quirkily dark ambience of the restaurant—washrooms feature a larger-than-life ox that stares at you through mirrored reflections; surrounded by too-close-for-comfort ringing of yodels and bells.

Taking it back to the table, every meal starts with complimentary Konig Ludwig Brot; traditional Bavarian rye, spelt and crispy malt bread (freshly made in-house daily) served with chives and radish. Nothing too fancy, yet simple and genuine.

Konig Ludwig Brot

Konig Ludwig Brot, complimentary starter
Konig Ludwig Brot, complimentary starter

Making quite a statement upon its arrival is the carpaccio d’espadon ($28): thinly sliced marinated swordfish with a frozen Topaz apple mousse with a glazed puréed layer coating, seated prettily in the middle, tempting one to take a bite. Fortunately, we had a better fate than Snow White—its subtly sweet and refreshing flavors carried the raw fish brilliantly.

Carpaccio d’espadon

Carpaccio d'espadon, $28
Carpaccio d’espadon, $28

One of our favorite dishes is the anchois provencale (pickled anchovies in olive oil; $22)—exactly how we love it, served with house-made melon sorbet that glittered with crunchy pistachios and a dab of lime salt. The soft sweetness and refreshing flavors of the melon sorbet gently eases out the briny saltiness of the anchovy without causing it to lose its character. We have to hand it to Chef Lorez—this unique marriage of flavors is intensely sublime.

Anchois provencale

Anchois provencale, $22
Anchois provencale, $22

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