Special Charity Edition: Zouk Flea & Easy x Cosmopolitan SG Commits (Wicare) on Jun 29

Zouk Flea & Easy x Cosmopolitan SG Commits for Gourmet Adventures

Zouk Flea & Easy x Cosmopolitan SG Commits for Gourmet Adventures

Well-loved flea market Zouk Flea & Easy is back, this time, in aid of Wicare (an adopted charity of Cosmopolitan SG Commits); a voluntary welfare organization to help grieving widows cope with the loss of their spouses through socio-emotional support, counseling and financial assistance. All proceeds from this special charity edition of Zouk Flea & Easy will go towards Wicare.

Help to rebuild and improve the lives of broken-hearted widows and fatherless children as you spend some time with your own (kids and loved ones) at this event. Chat with creative local designers and listen to lively DJ music as your dig through a barrage of bargains, original single-piece items and knick-knacks.

Kids can also join in the fun and shimmy down at ZOUKIDISCO, a day-time disco for kids between the age of one and nine, and their friends and family.

Find out the full details at Gourmet Adventures.

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