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Empowering women can come in different forms- education, social knowledge and image styling skills- and it can be liberating for women to be able to improve her living standards through her own merits.  Fortunately, being born and bred here in Singapore, I’ve been equipped with an education (thanks to our government) and knowledge to keep myself healthy and youthful looking.


Women contribute to 66% of the world’s work and 50% of the food on the table but they make only 10% of the world’s income- this is a disadvantage.  The cycle of empowerment through education- sharing or knowledge and skills- has a multiplying effect and is very essential to women,” explained Georgette Tan, UN Women Singapore.

Sheila Shares

“I was awkward growing up as a teenager because of my height and I was empowered much later when I learnt to be more confident after I started modeling,” shares Sheila Sim, International model.


To further empower young women, SK-II collaborates with UN Women Singapore and Image Flair to conduct workshops (in 2013) to equip them with skills to boost their self-esteem and confidence, nudging them towards making a successful transition to self-sufficiency.


Having attended the SK-II event, I realized that I’ve been very blessed to be equipped with the knowledge to empower myself and the women around me.  Nevertheless, I feel that we should never stop learning and constantly sought to improve ourselves to further improve our lives.

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