Subsidised Screening for Breast Cancer Survival

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Taking a breast cancer screening test can help women survive cancer. That’s the message of a new campaign urging women to get screened during October. It’s part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness of cancer, and save lives through screening.

Established in 1964, Singapore Cancer Society is a self-funded voluntary welfare organisation which provides patient care services to needy cancer patients through its welfare, hospice home care, cancer treatment subsidy and rehabilitation support programmes.  Singapore Cancer Society has worked towards its aim to minimise the effects of cancer and maximise life for all Singaporeans in it’s past 50 years.  According to the Singapore Cancer Society, women who are screened for breast cancer have a better chance of beating the disease because it’s detected and treated early.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore, with around 1,600 women diagnosed each year. Sadly, around 400 women lose their battle against breast cancer, but with an early diagnosis there’s a better chance of beating it.

Breast screening (mammogram) is an x-ray examination that can show cancerous lumps when they are too small to see or feel. It is currently the most reliable screening tool for detecting breast cancer.

The risk of breast cancer rises as women get older, so the Singapore Cancer Society is offering screening discounts to women aged over 40. A subsidy of $25 is available for every eligible woman who makes an appointment for a mammogram screening with the participating clinics and centres.  Simply pick up your pink brochure, which contains $25 subsidy coupon, from participating Guardian Health & Beauty stores, Metro department stores or Singapore Cancer Society.

Just as the Singapore Cancer Society campaign says:-

Now you have no excuse not to screen. Stop making excuses and book your mammogram this October.

Click HERE to visit the Singapore Cancer Society website to know which clinics, polyclinics and hospitals are participating in this island-wide subsidised screening campaign.  Please call +65 6499 9133 or email [email protected].

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